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This site offers a weekly horoscope and astrology & aromatherapy services. 

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The Magic of the Tarot

Week of May, 2009


      Love                                    Money                                  Career  


  Wild Card                             Wild Card

For Tarot Readings contact Lynne Crandall at or Tel:1-517-371-8495 

These are the weekly tarot cardsScroll down for instructions. 

Hit the refresh button each time you come to this page and on the actual Tarot card pages, click on the Tarot link to return to the main tarot page, do not hit the back  button arrow at the top of the web page, or you will go to the previous week's cards.

For a quick spread print out each card and read them in the following order:

1. The first card indicates your current love life                                                                                     

2. The second card indicates your finances 

3.  Take the third card for your career

4. The Wild Cards can be used instead of the first three to vary the spread or if you want second readings during the week.

These Major Arcana are the first 22 Tarot cards in any traditional tarot pack.  They are a description of the soul's journey and its path to a higher evolution.  

Pick any card above and meditate on that phase of the soul's journey.  Each card has a description of its meaning as taken from the Tree of Life.  Meditate on what that card is telling you about your soul's journey and the phase you are currently working out and  discovering.  Write this out on a piece of paper as part of a Tarot journal to learn the cards and reflect on it through the week.

For entertainment and meditation purposes only. 

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