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"King Arthur" by Charles Ernest Butler


The card of Justice, adjustment or balance suggests that you are reaching an understanding of inner balance or inner truth, despite whatever appearances may be.  You have come to understand the truth behind whatever the facade that is presented.  Justice also indicates that you will be fair in your judgment of others.  It can mean that you have given a situation thought and you have come to an understanding of the inner truth of the situation.  You may get this card when you are dealing with legal matters.


You need to find the truth of the situation.  You need to find balance.  A marriage or a legal situation is important.

Justice may indicate a legal situation or a marriage that is coming.  If it is in your life, you may be getting married or you may be starting a legal matter, you may be bringing a law suit or trying to accomplish something legal through the courts.  It can also mean you are going to sign a contract.  It can also mean someone is bringing you into a legal situation. It may also mean that you are coming into balance around a particular situation and have come to understand the issues behind what is happening.  If may also mean you are being asked to mediate or be a wise advisor because the person asking you recognizes that you see both sides of an issue.

In the "Legend: The Arthurian Tarot" this card is " Merlin".  

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