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"The Fairy Barque" by John Anster Christian Fitzgerald above shows the magical, ethereal, and magnetic Pisces nature

Pisces Sun Sign Natural  Perfume 

Women Siren Song               Men - Rascal

  • Highlights your seductive magic

  • Rebalances your escapism tendencies

For gentle Pisces, Balsam Peru, Neroli (Orange Blossom), and Amber create the ambiance that enhance your siren song 

Pisces is delicate and ethereal, a natural intuitive.  They live in a world of their own.  They are easily wounded and find it hard at times to experience the pain of relationship truths and can let their partners take advantage of them.   

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 

Pisces Pisces The Fish (February 19 - March 20)

"Those that are ruled by the sign ... possess a love of the sea and have numerous skills connected with water and rivers...

The children of this sign are endowed with fertile offspring, a friendly disposition, swiftness of movement, and lives in which everything is ever apt to change.   ...the fishes... swim away from each other, suggesting an influence that denotes a central theme of dualism. An individual whose nativity is marked by this star may be prone to exploration of extremes and sympathy for opposing viewpoints. The energies of this star could be likened to the tension experienced at the eye of the storm, great effort is required to overcome confusion and lack of direction, but if a strong sense of definition can be maintained, such an individual could be capable of great feats of unification."  Manilius, Astronomica  Book 5, 1st century AD

Weekly Horoscope

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You are the bearer of the really good news this week, and a friendship may bring you a great cornucopia of blessings in finances and property.  Just don't break the bank when it comes to those credit cards.  A good friend or love interest may prove to be more financially savvy than you thought and their advice or the doors they open for you may surprise you.  Funding may come to you from somewhere very solid.  Settlements and inheritances, and even a financial partner may bring your heart's desire.


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Week of September 18, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

This could be a week of romantic love, great sex, and a new partnership, especially if it involves finances.  Despite the dire economic situation, if you keep your cool, you could come out with a spiritual love or soul mate.  It may involve someone or some dealings behind the scenes but you are in an almost miraculous cycle, is you are with someone new or someone you want to feel closer to.  On Saturday a work or health matter may need more attention, so pay attention to details and don't fluff off something a boss asks you to do or drag your feet on some detail work you think is a pain.  Re-center yourself and focus so you can do a good job.  


Week of August 11, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Guard against scandal or any sort of deception.  If you are dealing with documents or institutions don't sign anything until September 1.  Institutions and secrets may cause trouble now.  A partnership may help you out financially.  If you can weather the roller coaster ups and downs you may even come out ahead.  Love may be demanding and partnerships may become financial but pay close attention to details.

Week of July 14, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Astrology Blog

A very difficult break with a friend or partner has finally ended.  It may have brought a career chapter to resolution so now you'll be onto look for another one.  Finances or health may be involved.  Someone you care for or a child may help you solve some sticky problems.  Friends and hopes and dreams may be changing.  A prominent organization or group may help you gain some ground in finances or business with the Full Moon in Capricorn in your sector of friends and wishes.

Week of July 7, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Astrology Blog


A confrontation with a partner may lead to complicated finances so pay attention to details.  A new love interest or family closeness may come from a vacation trip to the beach or a resort area, or even just dinner at a favorite restaurant.  A work matter may help you make a major career breakthrough with a powerful boss whose been doubting you for a long time.  More freedom and fun comes your way so enjoy yourself while you cook up some original new ideas.

Week of July 2, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Lynne's Astrology Blog

A new love interest or a new family closeness may come from a vacation trip to the beach or a resort area, or even just dinner at a favorite restaurant.  A work matter may help you make a major career breakthrough with a powerful boss whose been doubting you for a long time.  More freedom and fun comes your way so enjoy yourself while you cook up some original new ideas.

Week of June 23, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Astrology Blog

A partner or legal matter may supply financial stability through the help of family ties or children.  Dealings with an institution have finally cleared up after a great deal of agony and confusion.  Documents may demand your attention and difficulties wonít be out of your hair until late November.  Be sure you are careful with details around contracts or legal documents.  You are becoming more intuitive and a hobby or career in holistic healing may appeal to you now.  

Week of June 16, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Weekly Astrology Blog Mars Conjunct the South Node (Dragon's Tail or Ketu) and the Full Moon on Pluto

Blog on Mercury Retrograde

A boss may end your hopes for more progress.  A powerful force proves to be too difficult, and you have new opportunities coming from family connections now.  A job or a line of work where youíve been investing time may prove more difficult than you thought.  A significant relationship may improve later in the week.

Week of June 9, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Blog on Mercury Retrograde

Numerous changes at home may include the return of a younger family member or someone who travels often.  Documents and communications are important so read the dotted lines carefully.  An institution like a bank may be at odds with plans for your home or family. 

Week of June 2, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Blog on Mercury Retrograde

Home is a hotbed of changes and visitors.  Someone may return to the home from the past and suggest relationship compromises or home improvements.  This will improve your state of mind and your work situation.  Foreign matters or education become more important.

Week of May 26, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

 Someone might want to return to the family after a period of absence, but it might annoy you. It may take three to six weeks to sort out. A former partner may want to reconcile or renegotiate unfinished business. Legal or financial matters might be temporarily hung up, so donít push for resolution for at least three to six weeks.

Week of May 19, 2008

Question & Answer

A friendship brings you a solid backing or an unusual or computer-related idea. A partner is demanding that financial bottom lines are covered but you have a new option to do what you want when you want. This week freedom is everything to you.

Week of May 12, 2008

Question & Answer

Love is possible with someone nearby.  A confrontational atmosphere comes with the full Moon on Monday so wait until after that to act on plans.  Finances could become much stronger with the help of friends or an organization.

Week of May 5, 2008

Question & Answer

Week of April 28, 2008

Weekly Question 

A partner wants to renegotiate or reconcile, and they are financially becoming more stable and directed. Relationships are fortunate and may help you focus on financial stability for the first time. A sibling, a commuting situation or documents may help you develop a stronger financial position.

Week of April 21, 2008

Watch out for those wild impulses to spend money.  Those big bills may fly out of your hands faster than you can say Euro dollar.  But just try to remember how long it takes to earn each of those dollars.  A family member or a love interest may help you make some new approaches and ideas work. 

Week of April 14, 2008

A partner wants to return to your life, and this time the funds will support the life or business you've worked toward before. Finances should be stable, which will be reassuring for tenderhearted Pisces. You usually keep your anxiety to yourself, and this time, someone may be around who will understand.

Week of April 7, 2008

Pisces' financial picture might be complicated by new goals or friendships with people who are high rollers. You might have fun with all this, but will not be able to ignore the depletion of funds. An institution might work with you to bring the help you need.

Week of March 30, 2008

Piscesí financial picture may be complicated by new goals, or friendships with people who are high rollers.  You may have fun with all this, but will not be able to ignore the depletion of funds.  An institution may work with you to bring the help you need. 

Week of March 24, 2008

Pisces is balancing complex issues with someone in your life who is very unusual. You may feel a need for more freedom now. An established friend may bring help that may involve an institution. Your career could take a quantum leap and involve an organization or a group.

Question for the astrologer: I have remarried after the death of a husband who I loved very much. I am afraid I may have made a big mistake. My 18 year-old son was very close to his father and is having a hard time adjusting to my new partner. I am not sure what to do. The man I married loves me and is good to me, but is much more immature than I thought when we married. I feel deceived. Can you give me any advice? My birthday is April 26, 1962.

The astrologer says ... This situation will take a few years to sort out. The marriage may be less stressed from April until December but it will present challenges again after that for the next 7 years. That may just mean that adjusting to the new marriage may put you in a difficult position with your son for years to come. This year is fortunate, especially after mid summer. Your marriage will improve significantly after next January and it looks like you will be able to manage until then. In about three years your relationship with your son may improve and he may adjust to the new stepfather, if you can be patient until then and you appear to have great patience.

Week of March 17, 2008

Finances take a new direction with the full Moon in your sector of funding and partnership. Problems may arise from past expenditures on beauty or art, or sensual pleasure. A past partner may make you an offer that is as challenging as it is intriguing. Be cautious spending for a new goal or dream.

Week of March 10, 2008

 Week of March 4, 2008

An unusual friend or someone from an institution helps you get something you've wanted. Friends and a love interest or a child may square off for a major conflict. Mediate the situation since it is in your best interest to have everyone getting along with each other.

Week of February 25, 2008

A matter involving an institution, such as a bank, or hospital, might be important now. Family members might be trying to help you settle a matter or trying to work out an agreement with you. Someone close might want to talk to you about a financial settlement or inheritance. A career matter might improve during the next year.

Week of December 11, 2007

A career move comes when a boss over expands or restructures prematurely.  If you wait a week, things will stabilize.  Emotions will run high so psychic Pisces needs to get enough alone time as you may find yourself comforting others who are responding to the extreme ups and downs brought by planetary energys.

Weekly Question

Astrology Advice for the week of December 11, 2007 

I had a powerful dream and when I woke up, I felt like I talked to someone in my life who died in 1999.  She came and told me she missed me and talked to me about the past and I felt that it was a real conversation.  Can my star chart tell me anything about the dreams?  My birthday is September 24, 1973.


Planets can tell an astrologer how psychically sensitive a person is.  Dreams are associated with the planet Neptune.  You have a very intuitive chart and most likely have often gotten impressions that we usually call intuitive or psychic. 

Many cultures believe that dreams are only a different side of our conscious reality. Native tribes all over the world believe that dreams are also a reality and that they can gain important insight by discussing their dreams with family members and going back into the dream in a waking state to resolve the issue. 

  Others believe dreams give us a chance to see ahead to the future, and some of the studies on near death experiences have proven that dreams can be prophetic.  Given your sensitivity, it is quite likely that you had a meaningful communication from your loved one on the other side.   Write down the dream and the feelings you had, and meditate on it.  Look at it again in a few weeks, and it may bring a healing experience.  

Week of October 29, 2007

A conflict between someone in a distant or spiritual matter can't be avoided, so stand your ground the best you can. The full Moon is volatile and emotional and you may find yourself doing a lot of hand-holding while someone close deals with an intense situation. But it will be rewarded later when your friendship is returned. Someone at a distance may want to return to your life but new terms need to be negotiated.

Week of July 16, 2007

An unusual person or circumstance brings a lucrative financial opportunity. An institution may bring great fortune in your direction. A trip to another location or a visitor may open a major door. A partner will help seal the deal.

Week of July 9, 2007

An unusual person or circumstance brings a lucrative financial opportunity. An institution may bring great fortune in your direction. A trip to another location or a visitor may open a major door. A partner will help seal the deal.

Week of July 2, 2007

A new direction for your goals may bring an end to a friendship. Someone returning from the past may leave your life in the energy of this moon. At first, it looks good and then the cruel light of day shows the "fatal flaw." Family matters may demand attention.

Week of June 25, 2007

Week of March 19, 2007

The Solar Eclipse in your sign brings a major perspective shift around finances and bosses. Career matters may hit rough waters as change is intense. Foreign influences or documents may force your hand. Do your Pisces chameleon shape shift to outmaneuver opponents.

Week of March 5, 2007

The Lunar Eclipse brings shifts with contracts and partnerships. A secret ally may be helping with negotiations that involve institutions or secrets. A hot new opportunity to improve finances requires an innovative, original approach. Go ahead and follow your intuition.

Week of Feb 26, 2007

After a rough spot in a relationship, finances jump to a better place. Someone behind the scenes is in your corner so fight your way through any problems you have. A powerful boss is working to help you secure your position. If you can be patient, this could bring big things to your life.

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Week of Feb 19, 2007

Gentle Pisces' heart rejoices with any opportunity to share love with others. Finances bloom like tulips with a friend's help or advice. The New Moon in your hidden sector brings information about powerful help with your career.

Week of Feb 12, 2007

Love and special feelings make this Valentine's Day one of the best for Pisces. Cast your magnetic net out over the one you want to catch and it's as good as done. Much like Shakespeare, you'll find that all's well that ends well in this fortunate week.

Week of Feb 7, 2007

Love and special feelings make this Valentine's Day one of the best for Pisces. Cast your magnetic net out over the one you want to catch and it's as good as done. Much like Shakespeare, you'll find that all's well that ends well in this fortunate week.

Week of Jan 29, 2007

Someone behind the scenes may give you a lift toward a great career move with powerful bosses. An institution could cause you trouble and ultimately end a current employment situation. Hopefully it will be a kick upstairs.

Week of Jan 22, 2007

A matter behind the scenes or with an institution looks promising but may be abruptly cut off, so proceed carefully as plans may be nipped in the bud. A friend's loyalty heals your heart when you get encouragement to follow your most cherished dreams.

Week of Jan 15, 2007

Someone behind the scenes is in your corner and may take your career to new heights. A friend is standing firmly behind you and will help you along your true path. Career matters aren't simply positive and a brouhaha may be brewing, so plan the best way to handle conflict.

Week of Jan 8, 2007

The Full Moon in your sector of friends and children may bring more fun after a trying period. Finally things lighten up a bit. Teaching or new social ideas may breathe life into your routine. Work is demanding and you have some tough bosses to please.

Week of Jan 1, 2007

Friends are the treasure of this New Year. Plans for more financial security and new friends who want to help you get there, make the future look especially bright. A career move is tricky and may start with some confusion but once again, friends will help.

Week of Dec 25, 2006

Major new insights and new opportunities light the holidays for you and loved ones. A new hope for deeper meaning comes as your focus shifts to your life's purpose. A great deal of progress is possible now as greater optimism inspires your holidays.

Week of Dec 20, 2006

Visions of your future dance like sugarplums under the Christmas tree as a new cycle opens in your career thanks to the help of an influential person who sings your praises. Special recognition may come for an important contribution dear to your heart.

Week of Dec 11, 2006

Career accolades light up your holiday season. Everyone loves a winner and this time you win big. Your need to be private and protect your emotions may have to give way to more public exposure. But it comes with good fortune and recognition for a job well done.

Week of Nov 27, 2006

Career improvements come with recognition and bosses who encourage you to let your light shine. Communication with someone from a spiritual or foreign background reveals secrets and could bring healing from childhood emotional wounds. Avoid arguments.

Week of Nov 20, 2006

Values are significant with the return of a friend from a far off place or your past. You may take another look at more education or finishing that novel you have tucked in the desk drawer. A former partnership or legal matter may return for more consideration.

Week of Nov 13, 2006

A foreign love may declare feelings in an intense communication. Gentle Pisces is fielding surprising changes and shifts, but now a challenge comes to your values as you find a situation is tougher than you anticipated.

Week of Nov 6, 2006

The Full Moon in your sector of documents and self-expression may create a final rift with an intense situation involving values, foreign matters, or further education. Secret dealings are on the table now as someone decides to renegotiate a matter with an institution.

Week of Oct 30, 2006

Someone from a far off place may become a love interest. The spiritual work you have been doing is bringing you greater peace and serenity and a stronger connection with your true life force. Get details handled before Saturday as Mercury goes retrograde.

Week of Oct 23, 2006

A financial opportunity comes through friends or family. Time spent with a close partnership brings great joy. A block releases in your career sector and work improves. A renewed interest in love and partnerships increases your determination to meet goals.

Week of Oct 16, 2006

A love or friend who shares your enjoyment of the arts brings great inspiration as time spent with them sparks a deep source of creative imagination. Greater fulfillment comes from the connection with your inner self. A stronger union is possible now.

Week of Oct 9, 2006

A major financial decision comes due to a child or a love interest. The Full Moon in your sector of finances brings an insight. A partner is more loving and may want to spend on art or socializing. Overspending could bring a credit card crisis.

Week of Oct 3, 2006

Loved ones challenge us to define our deepest purpose in life. A financial block that created conflict in a partnership will open up if you take more time for intimacy and fun. Important information clarifies career questions.

Week of September 25, 2006

A financially savvy partner or a legal matter may bring good fortune. The solar eclipse brings financial opportunities from a partnership or contract that expands your social horizons. Remember good friendships are the best foundation for all business endeavors.

Week of September 18, 2006

Your life's purpose is becoming clear as your vision of the world expands. A difficult patch in a partnership or legal matter is tougher to resolve than you thought. Issues from the past return to be resolved but don't underestimate the other party in a conflict now.

Week of September 11, 2006

Pisces may see a partnership as pure gold, intense and protective. Finances temporarily shift but an opportunity for a new path through more training or a new vision comes with the lunar eclipse in your sign. Victory is on the horizon if you hold steady so don't give in to doubts.

Week of September 4, 2006

A major opportunity comes through your career. Finances go up and down as you negotiate with a partner who needs a more secure arrangement. Decisions made are fortunate for career plans. An issue going on behind the scenes may be critical to your future.

Week of August 28, 2006

Nurturing partnerships renew you. New contracts and work opportunities bring recognition with the New Moon in your house of legal and contract matters. Coworkers back you up, and then disappoint you with unreliability. You may decide it's time to make a radical career change.

Week of August 21, 2006

Sometimes a guiding light appears out of nowhere. A career move is possible now through the help of a group or an important player. You may get down to business and take a lot of flak from powerful work associates, but you'll stand firm and release a losing proposition.

Week of Aug 14, 2006

The master said, "I will show you yourself in the silence." The Full Moon reveals many secrets in your heart. It may also reveal secrets hidden deep in your psyche or parts of your life that you would rather not have exposed, although it may help you heal. Partners demand more emotional involvement.

Week of Aug 7, 2006

A difficult phase in work stabilizes your career plans. Overextending yourself may be necessary, and there is someone around you who could help with the necessary details. You may endure an oppressive structure, but plans to commit to a principle bring good fortune.

Week of July 31, 2006

Love is more rewarding as family members and loved ones give back the richness of emotion and forgiveness that gentle Pisces has given to others. Life's long, and an arid period has ended. For years you have gone from oasis to oasis, now it is possible to reach the sea within.

Week of July 24, 2006

Life is a like a garden with beautiful flowers, herbs and a few weeds; they all hold mysteries. A period of upheaval is with you through September, and it may involve hidden concerns around institutions or past emotional wounds. A partner finds a renewed interest in life.

Week of July 17, 2006

As a burden is lifted life is as you like. A decision to rearrange a career challenge shows immediate positive results and more freedom enhances your life. Someone in the home refuses to carry the burden of your irritation from work burnout and encourages you to relax and play.

Week of July 10, 2006

Pisces strength is that of the raindrops wearing away the mountain. You may decide to remove an influence that has been consistently undermining you with claims of the best intentions. Your next transforming move may surprise everyone. The Full Moon shifts a job focus.

Week of July 3, 2006

Time for a trip to a far off place. Creative solutions come from an exotic direction, possibly foreign. The disappointments you've suffered are fading and the new path is deep and magical. Someone from the past or a new cycle with a partner brings more to your life.

Week of June 26, 2006

Love is eternal spring. And no one knows that better than Pisces, one of the most nurturing signs of all. The New Moon in your house of lovers and children opens the door to a great summer with friends and loved ones. A woman is planning great family fun so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Week of June 19, 2006

All possibilities are within us. A career direction needs to be reworked. Major conflicts erupt and show that you may have overestimated an arrangement. A powerful situation may convince you that new solutions look best. Relax with family and do the Pisces thing of reinventing yourself.

Week of June 12, 2006

A blow up in your career may be part of a new approach to life that comes with the full moon. A complete reassessment of your life's direction is the silver lining in this cloud. Clearing out the deadwood will renew your faith in yourself and your dreams. The rest of it will be a breeze.

Week of June 5, 2006

Pisces may be deciding that all work and no play is making you a dull girl/boy. A tense situation with a powerful boss is getting to be more than you care to endure. An enjoyable and relaxing period at work may end with a big change. Find a lake club and go dancing.

Week of May 29. 2006

The New Moon in your home sector brings more fun and younger people into the home for activities like reading, writing or possibly film. This may actually improve a work situation and increase your motivation. Watch for confusion around documents that may cause trouble.

Week of May 22. 2006

Someone is making home a lot more fun. You may be starting a summer reading list or a diary. Or planning a trip and getting a spiffy new leather travel journal, and then a wine journal and a favorite books journal. You get the idea. Start a journal. All this will enhance your summer.

Week of May 17, 2006

Someone who is always stepping on your space wants to call the shots, especially in terms of finances, but you now understand the meaning of the phrase "enough is enough" and "too much is plenty." Friends visit and insist on going to crazy new clubs ó you should go.

Week of May 1, 2006

Stable finances come with the new moon in your sector of siblings and neighbors. A lover or friend may suggest a plan that helps you stabilize, which is often difficult for dreamy Pisces. Careful of an attraction to someone as it will be complicated, at best.

Week of April 24, 2006

A new financial direction may look like it's going to pan out but beware of co-workers bearing gifts. Love either from family or someone new is the only thing to concentrate on for now, so just enjoy.

Week of April 17, 2006

Changes in a job come due to a new opportunity that pulses in with rays of the Full Moon. A power struggle with a partner may involve your career, which may bring you more independence. This is the right direction and a powerful boss will help you so keep going.

Week of April 3, 2006

Finances rock with a new opportunity as the Solar Eclipse blesses your money sector. The direction may seem unusual or risky, but it will probably surprise you with help coming from someone behind the scenes. A love interest from a distant place may bring light into your life.

Week of Mar 7, 2006

You are learning detachment as you teach others your Piscean compassion. Like the empath in the "Star Trek" series, you are a natural healer. You are also learning to set better boundaries so you can ask for what you want.

Week of Feb 20, 2006

You start feeling stronger this week with the Sun moving into your sign. Don't get discouraged if plans don't turn out as expected. Just let things unfold and relax until Sunday, when good fortune and good conversation will turn to an opportunity.

Week of Jan 30, 2006

A lot is happening behind the scenes and institutions may be demanding that you review matters, like banking. A serious approach to work may be necessary as finances may demand more focus than you thought. Love is great with stable, mature people.

Week of Jan 23, 2006

Strange behind-the-scenes activities may meet with your disapproval when documents bring bad news. Careful with banking as details may slip through the cracks now. You may get some wild new ideas, but they will work, so pursue them.

Jan 2, 2006

Major changes in attitude and approach will start bringing a larger income if you are patient. A friend who is financially savvy and very organized will help you make the New Year something to celebrate. A surprising career shift comes from a powerful boss.

Week of Oct 24, 2005

A very hot and very powerful love interest may be changing your life for the next year. You have decided 'no more Mr./Ms. Nice Guy' and the gloves are off. Which means you are taking your power and not fiddling around with that financial situation that promises you everything and delivers nothing.

Week of Oct 17, 2005

A financial matter from the past may need to be renegotiated with the Lunar Eclipse in your sector of money. You may need to express yourself and documents may be unreliable, so use extra caution in what you say in e-mails and to others.

Week of Oct 10, 2005

A financial windfall may be coming your way. A mentor may really back a project you propose. Hidden matters are working themselves out, so just keep trying to resolve difficult personal issues. A message from a distant place may involve secret information.

Week of Oct 3, 2005

Your ruler Neptune is making beautiful music with a possible financial partner or arrangement but be careful that something or someone behind the scenes doesn't sabotage the opportunity. Something from your past may return to haunt you so keep a close eye on details.

Week of Sep 26, 2005

Your ruler Neptune is making beautiful music with a possible financial partner or arrangement but be careful that something or someone behind the scenes doesn't sabotage the opportunity. Something from your past may return to haunt you so keep a close eye on details.

Week of Sep 19, 2005

An amazingly fortunate Full Moon helps you while others go up and down like a ship at sea. Help comes from a distant or unusual source. You have protectors who are fierce and determined. A conflict may arise between friends and finances.

Week of Sep 12, 2005

A decision to end a partnership may be necessary if you feel the financial expectations are too far from your comfort level. A partner or friend who is very exacting may expect more than you care to give and you may feel like you are compromising too much of yourself.

Week of Sep 5, 2005

A decision to end a partnership may be necessary if you feel the financial expectations are too far from your comfort level. A partner or friend who is very exacting may expect more than you care to give and you may feel like you are compromising too much of yourself.

Week of Aug 17, 2005

The full moon in your sector of institutions and secret matters may bring an end to a long problem with work or the health of someone close to you. Finances may improve through the help of a mentor or in the settlement of a legal matter.

Week of Aug 10, 2005

A partner or friend talks to you about your reputation or your career path. Start implementing new plans and goals after Tuesday. Ideas you have had start to go forward so start getting ready to pursue those directions you had in mind.

Week of July 25, 2005

Work brings great rewards and possibly a major advancement in your income. Work from the past or a past partnership returns and may look better his time. A new partner is on the scene and that partner may have good common sense about finances.

Week of July 18, 2005

Someone behind the scenes is causing you trouble, possibly due to gossip. A work situation may be confusing but don't be too hard on coworkers as they are not the source of the problem. Be cautious of someone who may not be what they appear.

Week of July 11, 2005

A glamorous coworker may bring good financial fortunes your way. Don't let anxieties discourage you from dazzling bosses with your unique abilities and approaches. A very hot new business partner may want to see your resume. Get ready for a rendezvous with destiny.

Week of July 5, 2005

A love interest may challenge you financially. Don't expand credit and don't expect too much of this relationship. This partner may not have the best judgment so don't be influenced by their dysfunctional financial approaches. Just concentrate on the fun showered on you.

Week of June 27, 2005

Home and children are a great strength to you although the full moon may mean a split between a love and friends. Love and plans for friends, family and children are a great strength for you. New directions come from co-workers who assume a leadership role.

Week of June 20, 2005

When someone volunteers you for a financial contribution, don't be too hard on them. They mistook your Pisces compassion to mean you are independently wealthy. Meanwhile, a love interest becomes warm and the two of you may go to a new level of understanding.

Week of June 13, 2005

Home is wonderful and private time spent with loved ones restores sensitive Pisces. A major brouhaha erupts when someone in the family challenges your finances. Money will come in and leave just as fast after Saturday. A work matter causes serious concerns.

Week of June 6, 2005

Home is full of people, lively conversations and social life when someone at home wants you to come out and play. This is the week you will stay up all hours and talk-talk-talk, and go out to clubs to meet new friends, (not typical for intuitive Pisces). Family relationships are good.

Week of May 26, 2005

Patient and enigmatic Pisces finds a soul mate with whom to share ideas. Among those talks financial advice is priceless so listen carefully. An old issue may come back to haunt you, or an old fear. A career matter or reputation must be decided.

Week of May 16, 2005

A disagreement with someone at a distance may end an association but the good news is improving finances. An excellent financial opportunity may come through a love interest or independent work. You  wave a sad but final good-bye to the past.

Week of May 2, 2005

Finances are confused, as a partnership may be instrumental in changing your life. Someone you really care about sings Celine Dion's song, "I'd drive all night to get to you." Freedom and sudden changes are opening up your life to emotional fulfillment of which you have only dreamed.

Week of April 21, 2005

Powerful forces in your subconscious unite to make a name for yourself in your career. The lunar eclipse may bring back an exotic figure you have been longing to see.   "You can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trailway, I don't care how you get here just get here if you can>"

Week of April 14, 2005

Your Piscean magnetism may be causing you trouble behind the scenes. Remember when you fantasize about someone, you may be drawing them in, like the song says, "What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you." A good friend or coworker may help you come up with a new income source.

Week of April 7, 2005

Finances may get a shock and if you can recall your financial picture back in April of 1990, it may be a repeat performance. Changes are fast and furious so don't count on anything until after April 12. Someone who is conservative and controlling may block your plans and cost you money

Week of Mar 31, 2005

Loved ones want to talk to you about the financial changes you are considering. Try to hold steady even though it appears that your income is shifting. If you can weather the career changes, you may be able to make a quantum leap in your income.

Week of Mar 17, 2005

Financial opportunities involving a partner return from the past.  A prominent person you worked with before reappears with innovative ideas.  You are at odds with a powerful boss and the situation may be emotionally charged.  Take care of financial details by Saturday, then relax.

Week of Feb 24, 2005

Your dreamy ways and intuitive approach are at odds with an exacting partner. There may be a request for more attention to details and documents, or you may be telling a perfectionist to do their own work. Loved ones are emotional while you try to nurture them. Dreams reveal a great deal.

Week of Feb 17, 2005

This is your time to make changes and bring a new creative direction to your life. A new job in a healing or art area, or new business ideas, are possible now. Someone behind the scenes may bring funding for a project. A love interest with a business savvy friend is likely if you can stand their intense focus.

Week of Feb 10, 2005

Brilliant ideas and amazing inspiration captivate your partners and family members. Major wounds from your past are not only healing, but also freeing you to move on with your life. These new ideas thaw your long personal winter and create a life you have always wanted. A partner wants to talk.

Week of Feb 3, 2005

Someone behind the scenes is bringing you great inspiration.  An opportunity to heal from the past comes with a possible new job.  You arenít sure whether all of this is inspiration or someoneís addictions talking.  A childhood issue is healing if you can relax and release the anxiety.

Week of January 24, 2005

A returning love interest or child causes a confrontation over a financial matter.  A powerful boss may cause big problems with your finances.  A career direction may end or you may decide the pay scale change is not feasible and you canít accept it.  The matter can still be renegotiated. 

Week of January 17. 2005

Amid all the progressive new ideas flying around you from a powerful boss at work, you are not seduced into a false sense of security.  While others fiddle while Rome burns, you stick to your responsibilities and a love interest with a lot of financial common sense is a welcome relief.






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