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"La Belle Dame Sans Merci" by John William Waterhouse above shows the chivalry and innocence of the Libra nature when they find their partner.

Libra SunSign Natural Perfume 

Ladies - Guinevere                                             Men - Samurai

  • Highlights  your ethereal  harmonious temperament, artistic abilities and beauty

  • Rebalances your indecision and fear of commitment

Libra's scent is Neroli (Orange Blossom), and Melissa, an ethereal essence that delicate Libra uses to encourage even the most reticent to believe in love.

Libra men personify the principle of chivalry.  Libra women adore their men but are prone to change their minds often and weigh and balance every consideration.  Libras find their partners fascinating and love to be in partnerships.



Libra Weekly Horoscope

LibraLibra The Balance (Sep 24 - Oct 23)

"When depicted in the lodges of Chinese secret societies, scales stood for Justice and Righteousness. 'In the City of Willows all is fairly weighed takes on a special significance if we remember that the City of Willows corresponds to the changeless Center. In Ancient Egypt, Osiris weighed the souls of the dead; in Christian iconography, St Michael, the Archangel of the day of Judgment, holds a pair of scales; the scales of the Last Judgment are also alluded to in the Koran in Tibet, the pans of the scales (are) used to weigh the individual's good and bad deeds... "  The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols

Weekly Horoscope

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Libra is in love with exotic places and mysterious people and cultures from far over the sea with the new Moon in questing Sag.  Libra is also quite fortunate this week - if you can just manage to not spend it all on beauty or art.  Think twice about those beautiful new furnishings and all those beautiful clothes and the new jewelry you just have to have.  Your credit could deliver a lethal blow if you let your pleasure and beauty loving nature get carried away spending for the good life.  On the other hand, someone quite serious is in your corner and throwing a lot of good fortune to you and your family.


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Week of Sep 15, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

This is your month.  You are in love with love and this month everyone is trying to dance to your tune. With Venus, Mercury, and Mars traveling through your sign, the atmosphere of love and romance is stronger than ever.  It is possible now to find a higher spiritual love but you must be careful not to be too trusting.  Enjoy the romance of the month and take in an art show or look for some jewelry, or just spend time with a special friend.

August 11. 2008  

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Libra may enjoy this eclipse if you don't get too close to the fireworks.  A love interest or friendship may provide a few ups and downs but if you are on good terms with an institution, you'll come out with more money in your pocket and new friends as well.  You may be called upon to be more careful with detail and to sit through some endlessly boring (to your way of thinking) conversations about how you should handle your money and property with more caution and attention to detail.  But that's as painful as it gets.  After that you can go off with all your Aquarian friends, one of whom may be a new love interest, and just enjoy yourself.  Or better yet, have them teach you the latest new web innovations.

Week of July 14, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Astrology Blog

Libra is embracing beauty this week with your ruler, Venus, in the beauty and glamour sign of Leo.  Its the perfect time to buy that beautiful ring you've been wanting for yourself of your significant other, or some new stylish summer clothes.  A very difficult break with an institution or a financial situation is just starting to move out of your life.  The Full Moon in Capricorn on Friday may bring a change in your residence or a new business venture at home.  It may be something you do to correct whatever losses took place over the last couple weeks.  

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Astrology Blog


A friend who has been there for you in the past may want to discuss a financial matter.  Improved attention to details may help finances.  Watch your health and money.  Dealings with an institution may be sticky so be prepared to work with others as smoothly as possible this week.  Financially another door may open, so go to the lake to relax and enjoy the week.  

Week of July 2, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Astrology Blog

A friend who has been there for you may cause some serious concern when they show up unannounced and decide to push financial issues.  You are there for them but they may be misguided in their assumption that youíre the bank.  Someone close may ask if you want to join a partnership or a group that will socialize together.  Finances may surprise you when another door opens, so just enjoy the week.  

Week of June 23, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Astrology Blog

Look for someone behind the scenes who wields a lot of clout and youíll find a career ally or someone who is improving your reputation and shouting your praises.  A friendship has gone through phases that included love and now a seriously confusing period is over but it may demand that you let go of something or someone who had been in your life for a long time.

Week of June 16, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Blog on Mars Conjunct the South Node (Dragon's Tail or Ketu) and the Full Moon on Pluto

Libra may be asked to mediate a strained relationship between family members.  Youíve decided itís no more Mr. Nice Guy after a difficult financial or inheritance matter.  A financial arrangement may end suddenly when someone challenges you.  Neighbors or coworkers may disagree with your decisions.

Week of June 9, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Blog on Mercury Retrograde

Friends want to get you out so meet them at the restaurant with a view of the lake.  Talk is rejuvenating and documents may bring important news.  Friends discuss someone at a distance.  Someone may ask you to travel to a foreign location.  You would enjoy a trip but it may interfere with your work schedule or your home life.  

Week of June 2, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Blog on Mercury Retrograde

Documents and foreign influences demand your attention.  Libra is inspired with ideas and plans for summer projects.  Start a journal or a novel that youíve wanted to write and record events from the past before you forget them. Someone very dominant may give you strong guidance and independent Libra may rebel.       

Week of May 26, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Travel or further education that was scheduled may be rearranged for a while, but the new plan will be better, so donít be discouraged. A confusing communication will take a while to iron out. Someone may want to return to your life.

Week of May 19, 2008

Question & Answer

Romantic Libra may find this week a bit stuffy, as pompous types attempt to wield authority you feel is undeserved. Escape to spend lighthearted hours with a fun-loving Gemini, if you can get away. Someone far off seems more responsive to your emotions now. Handle details before Monday.

Week of May 12, 2008

Question & Answer

Finances may seem to get a boost but wait until after the full Moon Monday before you count on plans to work out.  An intense emotional situation may arise around finances so try to remain steady and donít give in to extreme feelings.  Future goals may be changing.

Week of May 5, 2008

Question & Answer

Love or a closer relationship may present itself with someone who may become a business partner. A partnership with a friend may be more successful than you thought. If you get to work with an organization you hadn't previously considered, take a chance on it as financial doors may open.

Week of April 28, 2008

Weekly Question 

An opportunity to secure finances comes with the rays of the new moon in steady Taurus. Someone behind the scenes could finally help you open doors that have been closed for a long time.

Libra is rarely interested in long-term relationships, but now you and someone close may decide the time has come to follow your heart.

Week of April 21, 2008

A strong personality may come forward and want a relationship of some sort.  Libra appears to be more complaint than they are, and now others will see the determination that is usually hidden.  A career or home situation may not turn out as well as you hoped.  If you can avoid the pitfalls of impulsive behavior, you can gain a lot of ground now.

Week of April 14, 2008

Sensual Libra gets a chance to stabilize finances because of the lift someone gives behind the scenes. A settlement or inheritance or some sort of funding may be on the way. Everyone involved may want promises about financial bottom lines, which you find stuffy. An intuitive approach to financial partnerships will help.

Week of April 7, 2008

A partner or a legal matter may bring a major family confrontation.  Libra may not be able to use your usual grace and charm to solve a difficult financial problem.  Donít overextend your credit or your finances, despite an almost uncontrollable impulse to spend.  Romantic feelings later in the week help restore your balance.

Week of March 24, 2008

Horoscope  Love and compassion are opening your eyes to a new opportunity at home. A friend who cares about you may help you bring in a financial fortune. An improvement in your living situation may come through the help of someone financially established.

Question for the astrologer: I have remarried after the death of a husband who I loved very much. I am afraid I may have made a big mistake. My 18 year-old son was very close to his father and is having a hard time adjusting to my new partner. I am not sure what to do. The man I married loves me and is good to me, but is much more immature than I thought when we married. I feel deceived. Can you give me any advice? My birthday is April 26, 1962.

The astrologer says ... This situation will take a few years to sort out. The marriage may be less stressed from April until December but it will present challenges again after that for the next 7 years. That may just mean that adjusting to the new marriage may put you in a difficult position with your son for years to come. This year is fortunate, especially after mid summer. Your marriage will improve significantly after next January and it looks like you will be able to manage until then. In about three years your relationship with your son may improve and he may adjust to the new stepfather, if you can be patient until then and you appear to have great patience.

Week of March 17, 2008

The full moon in your sign may make you restless and bring on a shift with a partnership. Family matters are front and center with major decisions being made. Love with a new or long-term partner is fulfilling and sweet. But don't let a loved one talk you into spending money you don't have to brighten up your home. Libra can always be seduced in the name of beauty.

Week of March 10, 2008

An Irish blessing is just what Libra needs this week. Words are like magic for the gifted Irish. Friends and coworkers are more fun than usual, but someone in the background may make trouble. Documents from a past situation may need to be reviewed.

Week of March 4, 2008

A choice between family and finances may cause stress. A block in your life is going to remain tough, but you will find a way around the difficulties. Family matters are up for review, but help comes from improved health and more fun at home. An unusual person or a friend with an unusual idea, may help you see a whole new way of doing things that gets creative juices flowing.

Week of February 25, 2008

A great friendship can become more now, with a zany or eccentric character who shows you a different approach to things. Technology might figure in your life now, making it more fun and carefree. Friends might want to talk about your relationship and take you out for some fun.

Week of December 11, 2007

Adjustments in your career or a change in a marriage status may bring new funds.  A decision about a partnership may be on the table, but you donít have enough information yet.  Someone behind the scenes may increase your financial options.  Avoid conflicts.

Weekly Question

Astrology Advice for the week of December 11, 2007 

I had a powerful dream and when I woke up, I felt like I talked to someone in my life who died in 1999.  She came and told me she missed me and talked to me about the past and I felt that it was a real conversation.  Can my star chart tell me anything about the dreams?  My birthday is September 24, 1973.


Planets can tell an astrologer how psychically sensitive a person is.  Dreams are associated with the planet Neptune.  You have a very intuitive chart and most likely have often gotten impressions that we usually call intuitive or psychic. 

Many cultures believe that dreams are only a different side of our conscious reality. Native tribes all over the world believe that dreams are also a reality and that they can gain important insight by discussing their dreams with family members and going back into the dream in a waking state to resolve the issue. 

  Others believe dreams give us a chance to see ahead to the future, and some of the studies on near death experiences have proven that dreams can be prophetic.  Given your sensitivity, it is quite likely that you had a meaningful communication from your loved one on the other side.   Write down the dream and the feelings you had, and meditate on it.  Look at it again in a few weeks, and it may bring a healing experience.  


Week of October 29, 2007

Financial stability may come with the full Moon in your sector of funding and financial partnerships. Your income may shift and rearrange until Nov. 1st. A new source of funding may come from behind the scenes as someone who understands the financial bottom lines gives you a solid opportunity. Spending time alone will be important to you now.

Week of July 16, 2007

Libra is determined to pull finances through to a more solid place. Pleasure-loving Libra is usually charming friends rather than focusing on finances, but now an exceptional opportunity to shore up your assets comes from a discreet friend behind the scenes. Institutions may be more menable to creative financial proposals now.

Week of July 9, 2007

Libra is determined to pull finances through to a more solid place. Pleasure-loving Libra is usually charming friends rather than focusing on finances, but now an exceptional opportunity to shore up your assets comes from a discreet friend behind the scenes. Institutions may be more amenable to creative financial proposals now.

Week of July 2, 2007

Everybody loves a lover, which is why Libra is so popular. But a dream may die when a relationship proves less than reliable. You'll recover, but the magic dust in your eyes might look a bit like soot. It's hard for Libra to remember that most people have feet of clay. Now a friend will show you what it means to see with the eyes of the heart.

Week of June 25, 2007

Everybody loves a lover, which is why Libra is so popular. But a dream may die when a relationship proves less than reliable. You'll recover, but the magic dust in your eyes might look a bit like soot. It's hard for Libra to remember that most people have feet of clay. Now a friend will show you what it means to see with the eyes of the heart.

Week of June 11, 2007

Libra laughs at challenges and confusion. In Mercury's retrograde from June 15-July 9, old family battles get settled. Libra may suffer through the emotions of others, which you often find suffocating, but in the end you'll feel loved and major issues from your childhood will heal.

Week of March 19, 2007

A partnership is on the table for serious consideration or deeper commitment as secret information comes to light. The Solar Eclipse Sunday brings an intuitive flash about health or work matters that could be very healing. Get some new threads and go dancing.

Week of March 5, 2007

A hot new love interest, or renewed interest in your current hottie, sparks romantic Libra's passions. The Lunar Eclipse in your sector of private matters and institutions may bring a financial matter from the past back to be renegotiated. A health issue may be resolved.

Week of Feb 26, 2007

A sudden insight may shift your perspective. A partnership starts or improves with someone exciting and dramatic. Freedom is the keyword in love relationships now but be cautious as that door can swing both ways. Ultimately Libra loves to be a partner.

For astrologer's question go to Noise

Week of Feb 19, 2007

This week brings out Libra's "hunka hunka burning love" persona. Dazzling others is a given for charming Libra, so don't be surprised when a friend or love suggests taking a trip to a romantic restaurant. You may have a sudden insight that shifts your perspective.

Week of Feb 12, 2007

Libra lives for love and you weave your unique magic for a friend or lover on Valentine's Day. You may find magic happens when you abandon yourself to the moment. Libra's charm and charisma is a plus at Valentine's Day parties.

Week of Feb 7, 2007

Libra lives for love and you weave your unique magic for a friend or lover on Valentine's Day. You may find magic happens when you abandon yourself to the moment. Libra's charm and charisma is a plus at Valentine's Day parties.

Week of Jan 29, 2007

Someone from a distance could bring news that starts a relationship or a friendship. A message could be life-changing. Be careful of information that seems like someone's imagination, as it could cause a rift between you and someone important.

Week of Jan 22, 2007

A family matter may be part of a new direction that involves a friendship. There still is something significant that is hidden so don't show your hand yet. A friend who is unusual seems like a dream come true but withhold judgment as a surprise may change things.

Week of Jan 15, 2007

Visiting friends may become more important in your life and bring you good fortune, as long as you can keep an open mind and relax with the social scene that unfolds. A brilliant new friend may show you new approaches that freshen your outlook.

Week of Jan 8, 2007

A new development in your career brings a better work situation with the Full Moon in your sector of work and health. Your creative and imaginative work may bring a new career direction. A stable and established friend may bring an opportunity through self expression.

Week of Jan 1, 2007

Someone who blows into your home with the fresh winds of the New Year brings a chance for greater financial fortune. A prominent friend may suggest a new direction that is unusual and lets you show your creative flair.

Week of Dec 25, 2006

Meditate on your life's purpose and then express your feelings to others this holiday season. New ideas and spiritual traditions spark your holidays with good company and conversation. Messages and visitors or trips make this a great holiday.

Week of Dec 20, 2006

Visitors and great conversations about spiritual beliefs liven up your holiday. Siblings and friends show they care. Good fortune may come with documents and finances especially with a learned or worldly visitor. Pleasant surprises make your holiday special.

Week of Dec 11, 2006

Visiting friends or trips are fortunate. Loved ones will provide travel, communication and make the holiday season rock. New hopes and dreams may come with the funds to pursue them. You may have more fun than you've had in years.

Week of Nov 27, 2006

Visitors and trips are fun as you may have more time with loved ones over the holidays. A friend may surprise you with a visit to discuss serious matters that are uncomfortable. In the midst of it all, give yourself quiet time to meditate and reflect on your deepest values.

Week of Nov 20, 2006

Everything is ultimately our spiritual teacher and now, financial matters are teaching you that the only real resource is inside you. Finances may change with an associate who is or wants to be a high roller. Libra should wait to make changes until things mellow on Tuesday.

Week of Nov 13, 2006

A major financial opportunity comes in with a hot partnership. Someone intense and decisive is shaking up your world. Passions transform peaceful Libra with a new determination to succeed. Libra shows an emotional side.

Week of Nov 6, 2006

Your inner creative source may lead you to a wellspring of new activities. The Taurus Full Moon in your sector of inheritances and settlements may bring a break from previous income sources but now doors open for a more interesting financial direction.

Week of Oct 30, 2006

A great new financial opportunity comes through a possible attraction to someone rather mysterious. Be realistic about a friendship that acts as a block in your life. Someone wants to reunite or reopen a matter for discussion and it's about finances.

Week of Oct 23, 2006

Great fun comes with good friends who insist you go out and hit the clubs with them. And then go to the coffee shops and good restaurants. Someone close could become even more important in your life. Finances are a focus and may improve.

Week of Oct 16, 2006

Romance calls to you as poetry and art ignite the flame of autumn passions. A deeper appreciation of life comes as you watch the fiery colors of dying leaves reach their inevitable crescendo. An intimate friendship deepens with greater mutual understanding.

Week of Oct 9, 2006

A partnership that started last March may become romantic now. Or just more fun. Loving friends and family members and an authority figure are responding to your considerable charms so don't be shy about asking for what you want from any of them.

Week of Oct 3, 2006

Patience with a difficult matter in the office or neighborhood pays off now as Libra's excellent social skills open a door to a valuable financial opportunity with a powerful group or friend. Polish that Libra charisma and spiff up your best manners to woo someone.

Week of September 25, 2006

Solitude restores our sense of balance. The solar eclipse in your house of secrets and institutions may help you restore your health or a financial situation. A renewed atmosphere of love is possible. A friend who is close may return and bring more fun.


Week of September 18, 2006

Love is in the air, and every Libra lives for love. A frisky period has you whistling love songs. This is a lively time for romantic Libra so put on your flamboyant new threads and go dancing. Your charisma beam is on high so just get out and be your bad self.

Week of September 11, 2006

Meditate in a natural setting to maintain a balanced outlook. Finances may improve in the lunar eclipse Thursday but, as Betty Davis said, fasten your seat belt; it's going to be a bumpy night. Someone prominent may provide an idea that shows you a whole mew financial direction.

September of September 4, 2006

A friendship or love interest may need a make over. A child or a friend from the past may cause concern. Others are distant and enigmatic. You always see others point of view but you may be disappointed when your fairness is not appreciated. Finances may get help from a friend.

Week of August 28, 2006

Someone cares for you and shows it in quiet ways. Libra gets help now from a friend who handles details for you behind the scenes. Protect your tender heart, as love may be like the roller coaster on the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. First it goes up, and then it goes down ó way down.

Week of August 21, 2006

Libra is the great mediator with fairness as your signature. A powerful friend may question your choices now. You may defend the honor of someone accused of being less than honest. It won't save him, so don't go out on a limb. They made their bed and now must lie in it.

Week of Aug 14, 2006

Libra's sense of fairness even extends to eccentric friends. A friend may cause trouble with someone close. The Full Moon may culminate in a rift as unreliable behavior comes from friends, family or children. You may cut the tie when trouble appears, as it could involve finances.

Week of Aug 7, 2006

A friend brings an offer you can't refuse. But it may cost you initially. If you sit tight, the chance to make it happen will come around again on the same wheel. And the second time you will be able to work out the details, which is not Libra's favorite, but you are good at it when you plan.

Week of July 31, 2006

Someone who cares is in your corner. Your career and your station in life get a rocket boost as the forces of destiny come together to deliver a dream you've had for some time. You have the love and admiration of others who help you along your way to a higher octave of your life.

Week of July 24, 2006

Libra's charm brings help from powerful friends or organizations. Leo's New Moon smiles on friendly Libra and may bring you some fortunate new associates. Details need to be handled behind the scenes. Work and other financial efforts may be in flux through September.

Week of July 17, 2006

Libra's charm and wisdom may save you from the buzzing of a thousand frustrations. A fascinating person may explain personal issues from your past that were puzzling and finally fill in the blanks, especially where money and career are concerned.

Week of July 10, 2006

Playmates make this week fun. Just relax with all the friends encouraging you to get out to that restaurant by the lake. The Full Moon protects your career and finances but don't obsess about recent disappointments and appreciate those who are helping you. Celebrate as finances improve through a friend or group.

Week of July 3, 2006

Dreams transform into a new life. Recognition is best when you already value yourself, and now that you've worked that out the world is beating a path to your door and bringing money. Your charisma reflects emotional depth developed over the last few years.

Week of June 26, 2006

The New Moon changes your life. A career opportunity brings more income and perhaps work from the past. Finances take a quantum leap with help from a female boss. A friend may feel left behind but don't loan money no matter how convincing they are.

Week of June 19, 2006

Libra shows others the arts of negotiation. You may be asked to mediate potentially volatile situations between friends, and if you navigate serenely over these difficulties there may be a solid financial gain. Deflect the requests friends make for financial help no matter what.

Week of June 12, 2006

The full moon ushers in a shift in a relationship that took you off your purpose. Communications will bring differences to light and siblings may be involved. An end comes to a matter that had you wearing a financial hair shirt. Doors open to become the person you are meant to be.

Week of June 5, 2006

Someone a long way off may confront you about a friend or neighbor. The things you have been saying and writing may come back to haunt you, so be careful what you say. The real blastoff is yet to come, so keep a low profile and do your Libra thing and be a lover not a fighter.

Week of May 29, 2006

Finally a playmate worthy of you comes with the New Moon in Gemini in your sector of foreign matters. Offers of travel or communication to places exotic and fascinating may come with some sort of work. Enjoy time with friends and lovers at a restaurant with a lakeside view.

Week of May 22. 2006

Finally the music of the spheres is playing your tune as someone from a far off place delivers the mother lode. It may be a chance for more training or an amazing, exotic trip to a location that fires your imagination. Love and partnership may come from an unexpected quarter.

Week of May 17, 2006

Financial opportunities are explosive but if you use your Libran skill at negotiation, you could come out way ahead, opening doors with new approaches and your debating skills. It's a great time to sharpen your edge. Libra never enjoys a duel of wits with an unarmed opponent.

Week of May 1, 2006

Don't jeopardize a great financial opportunity by hobnobbing with friends who encourage you to spend more money than you have. Avoid spending money on any new ideas, as they will probably just cost you and in the end there will be nothing left but an exciting memory.

Week of April 24, 2006

A partnership may help you firm up a plan that has never quite come together until now. A new career idea may put you on a different track so buy some new threads and get ready to step out in style. Finances increase due to your charisma and inspired ideas.

Week of April 17, 2006

A wrangle with a partner or friend heats up, and an explosion may upset the usually unflappable Libran aplomb. Finances hit a rough spot when work or friends cost more than they're worth, or so you think. A love interest may emerge out of nowhere like Botticelli's "Venus" on the half shell.

Week of April 3, 2006

The Solar Eclipse in your house of partners may bring someone back from the past or may change your attitude about a partnership. Anyone who comes into your life may be exciting and action-oriented so keep an open mind. Finances improve from imaginative approaches.

Week of Mar 7, 2006

Your health and work may bring you more freedom, and freedom is exactly what Libra can never get enough of. A friend is nurturing if you let them get close to you. A plan is reconsidered. Go to the lake to relax as your nerves may be stressed as emotions run high.

Week of Feb 20, 2006

Fun and friends roust you out to go to a new club or to the bookstore with a coffee shop. You are mellow but a word of caution: Don't mediate an argument between two intense, brooding types. You can only lose. A talk with someone Sunday will bring the right answers if the subject is love.

Week of Jan 30, 2006

It's your time to break up the winter with fun, although your friends aren't getting along and responsibilities that bring enormous opportunities may slow down plans to relax and enjoy free time. Finances and love bring a chance to go out to a great social evening.

Week of Jan 23, 2006

Love or new friendship is possible now with someone eccentric and innovative. A financial matter explodes, possibly because of a loved one who may have given money to someone in need. Love comes with a financial opportunity.

Week of Oct 24, 2005

A powerful financial partner (possibly a sibling or close neighbor) may come forward as an ally. This person may break from a past financial arrangement or a partner who wants to reconcile so be patient. There is a chance you will be given an opportunity to play with the high rollers.

Week of Oct 17, 2005

A partnership or legal matter may take you by surprise with the Lunar Eclipse in your house of marriage and partners. Libras love surprises, especially when they have to do with love, which may be complicated in this case by an unusual financial matter.

Week of Oct 10, 2005

You're balancing more than ever these days with someone close and important to you bringing exceptional good fortune. It would be an understatement to say love is in the air. A past love interest or partner who is fascinating may want to reconcile.

Week of Jan 2, 2006

Changes at home come with new financial opportunities. Work at home opens new financial doors, although you may feel tied down. Libra loves to celebrate so join friends and loved ones to ring in the New Year.

Week of Oct 3, 2005

Everyone wants to get close to you. Expect new friends and new opportunities to jump at you. A prominent friend may want to get more involved in your life and make a significant difference. A financial matter may not get sorted out until Dec. 10.

Week of Sep 26, 2005

Everyone wants to get close to you. Expect new friends and new opportunities to jump at you. A prominent friend may want to get more involved in your life and make a significant difference. A financial matter may not get sorted out until Dec. 10.

Week of Sep 19, 2005

A powerful force is working quietly in your behalf but it is struggling against a force that is difficult. A financial improvement may be in the offing if you can work your way around this difficult group or obstacle. Patiently navigate through it with your Libran grace.

Week of Sep 12, 2005

A friend may caution you against spending on a new hobby or love interest. Your friend is very level-headed about finances but you may not heed them for a week or two; don't spend your way into problems.

Week of Sep 5, 2005

Information behind the scenes may cause you to rethink some of your work. You may decide to leave a situation because you have a better (although secret) offer. A friend or institution may help your financial stability. Love is intense and a new income source is interesting.

Week of Aug 17, 2005

The full moon in your sector of love and independent work may mean a new friend or family member dances into your life with ideas of the perfect world where everyone loves each other. Since this is an eccentric relationship, you'll be fascinated for a while.

Week of Aug 10, 2005

You are in a thoughtful mood and a private love interest or friendship may cause trouble with family members. A long difficult financial matter may end with a terrific opportunity - maybe a new job. A loving friend may help you come to peace with a personal matter.

Week of July 25, 2005

A long lost friend returns to your life bringing you good fortune and fun. This friend really appreciates Libran loyalty and was glad you are there for them. Since the friend is glamorous, this friend may introduce you to quite the circle of movers and shakers.

Week of July 18, 2005

Friends want to talk about someone you have taken under your wing who is not reliable. This someone wants to reconcile or renegotiate the relationship. A profound conversation may shift a friendship to a deeper place. You may find out more about your strength of character.

Week of July 11, 2005

Glamorous friends take you to important places to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, something Libra finds fascinating. And you fit right in with your high fashion style and sophisticated manners. A friend or partner dazzles you with their pizzazz and joie de vivre.

Week of July 5, 2005

Someone may cost you money, and more than you thought, or a friend may need an emergency loan. This week money comes and goes faster than Danica Patrick racing the Indy 500. Family is major help and rallies around you with help. You need down time at that restaurant on the lake.

Week of June 27, 2005

Libra drowns in the emotional ups-and-downs of career changes. Family and friends get into the act with more opportunities. Family throws their strength behind you and you are touched.

Week of June 20, 2005

How can you tell when a Libra is in love? If they're breathing. This week, Cupid's illusive love arrow may strike when you least expect it, except that you always expect it. It may involve a career connection. Don't get carried away with unrealistic promises.

Week of June 13, 2005

Love/socializing are high on your to-do list so step out with that romantic friend who may be rather exotic. Dodge arguments as they erupting around you and don't overspend. A potential partner may blow in like the wind and take you into an exciting new direction.

Week of June 6, 2005

The new moon in your sector of distant places and foreign influences may bring a love interest or friendship with someone that has a spiritual element. Good conversations plumb the depths of life's purpose and lift your spirits to a more lighthearted mood.

Week of May 26, 2005

Patience is required, which can be hard for lighthearted, quick-minded Libra, but this week nothing goes smoothly so be prepared with projects to finish. Relationship hit snags everywhere, so plan time working on hobbies or meditating, maybe with walks in nature areas..

Week of May 16, 2005

New financial pathways are very viable, possibly from an inheritance/settlement or business partnership. But it may involve tough demands. You may break with a situation that is emotionally shocking. Your Libran sense of fair play is offended as you believe the Arthurian sword of truth is not honored.

Week of May 2, 2005

Someone wants an explanation -- and they are serious. Genteel Libra is unaccustomed to guests whose conversations break the sound barrier, but no stranger to driving friends crazy with indecision. Career progress is as rejuvenating as "Midnight at the Oasis."

Week of April 21, 2005

Libra is quite the optimist around finances, and that may be an advantage with the lunar eclipse shaking up your money house. Libra's suave charm knocks 'em dead when someone exciting throws a block party. Shoot the moon with your originality.

Week of April 14, 2005

You may feel compelled toward someone mysterious. Careful -- Librans can turn into "a hunk of burnin' love" in a New York minute. While you don't care for disloyalty from partners, you may have a more flexible view of your own commitment. Creative thinking takes a quantum leap.

Week of April 7, 2005

Partnerships are a roller coaster ride with the Solar Eclipse in your partner sector. Relationships from April of 1990 may return. Unwanted partners from the past may be on a mission to reunite. To avoid dťjŗ vu all over again, maintain your Libran balance. Meditate and practice yoga postures with a soul mate.

Week of Mar 31, 2005

If you enjoy debate as an exercise in itself (most Libras do), this is your week. A partnership/legal matter looks better than it is. Resist the urge to change your mind constantly, although you may not be able to help it. Someone else is in the driver's seat, so relax and enjoy the ride.

Week of Mar 17, 2005

A partner or legal matter from the past returns but since the situation was combative, use your Libran discernment and weigh and balance it before making a decision.  Friends have more energy and want to go out and socialize, which is a great idea, so do it.   A powerful friend may become a partner.

Week of Feb 24, 2005

Inspired ideas and messages in dreams are likely now. Your usual analytical approach takes a back seat to intuition and insights about your life so follow your feelings and don't overanalyze. A group or friend may have a request that must remain top secret. Someone in the family needs help.

Week of Feb 17, 2005

Time spent with a service orientation like healing, or possibly art, dance, or music brings greater satisfaction and more income. A friend, group, or organization may open a door to an opportunity that is financially beneficial. Love or money may come from someone who is involved with law.

Week of Feb 10, 2005

All Libras ashore that are going ashore, the rest get in the boat with the Aquarians and discuss your dreams of a better world. Love is in the air for Libras, who are in love with love anyway. The doors of your life open to a life or home based on a great friendship. Your imagination is brilliant at work.

Week of Feb 3, 2005

A love interest may appear through work or your business interests.  This person has a lot of far out ideas and great imagination but donít get carried away until you are sure the castle they want you to share is not just in the sky.  Business details will need your full attention Sunday.

Week of January 24, 2005

A career move causes a confrontation with a family member.  This involves demands made by a difficult boss who has some significant family ties.  Finances are challenged and you may have to pay for a family member who needs help.  You may break ties with siblings or neighbors.

Week of January 17. 2005

The Full Moon in Aquarius brings a lover of prominence or a great new opportunity for a creative approach in business or fun.  Someone in the neighborhood really ďgetsĒ you and the two of you would love to party but your career demands that you keep an eye on finances just now. 

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