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"Welcome Footsteps" by Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema shows the warm and faithful Leo nature. Leo is a warm, generous, and noble partner.  Leos like praise and admiration but in return they are wonderful lovers and companions.

Leo's SunSign Natural Perfume

Women-L'or (Gold)                     Men - Aussie

  • Highlights your golden heart and fun loving nature

  • Rebalances your frustration with others when they won't do things your way

Ylang Ylang, Blood Orange, and     Sandalwood are a scent as golden as Leo's heart.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

LeoLeo The Lion   (July 23 - August 22)

"The lion and lioness together depict the shakta-shakti.  Hercules' battle with the Nemean  Lion depicts the struggle to ... overcome the fiery passions of the heart.  ...Leo was Domicilium Solis, the emblem of fire and heat, and, in astrology, the House of the Sun, governing the human heart. " The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols

Weekly Horoscope

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Leo is having a great time with all the fiery types around who want to drag you off to holiday parties and new travel vistas.  A fun trip with the family and kids or a new or renewed love interest take the edge off all those difficult eclipses in August.  What else could have brought us Sarah Palin?  Take care to just enjoy yourself and let go of those overworking ways you occasionally get caught up in.  Work now is your greatest area of success and progress so go for the big promotion but don't stretch your credit, no matter how good an idea you think it may be. 

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Week of September 15, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

A very romantic period with a partner may bring a more loving feeling between the two of you.  A close woman friend or a sibling may bring more fun and beauty into your life.  A trip to buy new fashions or to an art gallery or museum may lead to some interesting new ways to enhance your partnership or your relationship with a partner.  Love letters could come now, as well.  Finances may hit a bump as children, a business, or recreational activities are surprisingly expensive so guard your money.  

Week of August 11. 2008  

 Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Your focus just shifted from summer fun to financial matters.  The lunar eclipse on Saturday may bring a partnership, legal, or contractual matter that needs your attention.  Someone from the past may reappear in your life or a new romance may blossom and you may feel a compulsive need to be totally absorbed in it.  

On the downside, don't sign contracts before the 20th and wait another two weeks if you can.  Details are important now as documents may be instrumental in bringing significant a financial or property opportunity, but don't neglect matters that need your attention, as things could go south suddenly if you aren't paying attention.  

You may experience confusion and feel compelled to act in a relationship about which you feel torn but this is just part of the nature of the eclipse on Neptune.  You may go back and forth in your feelings about someone and change your mind from one minute to the next.  If you can remain centered and meditate (even if that means biking or walking), it will dissipate in a few weeks.  It may also be helpful to get out your art projects, start dancing again, or study a spiritual tradition that interests you as it will help cope with this very restless eclipse when everyone feels like changing their life suddenly.

Week of July 14, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Astrology Blog

This week you are stylin' around town, dressed to set the world of glamour on fire.  You may decide to buy something beautiful and expensive, but you may also find a certain someone or an important issue from the past reappears in your life.  The Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn is in your work sector and big changes may come in that area of your  life.  Communications should be excellent and you may find this week you set a lot of important plans in motion.

Week of July 7, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Astrology Blog


Youíve decided ďNo more Mr. Nice Guy/GalĒ and decided to push someone who was holding him or herself up as an authority figure.  Finances with partners are up for review.  Youíll decide to cut the deadwood out of your life now.  If a relationship is involved, you want your honey to put up or shut up and make a commitment.  A tender moment with family may be best spent in a secluded or private family home or on a trip to a resort or a cabin.

Week of July 2, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Astrology Blog

Youíve decided ďNo more Mr. Nice Guy/GalĒ and decided to push someone who was holding him or herself up as an authority figure in your life.  If a relationship is involved, you want your honey to put up or shut up and this aspect may very well bring on the commitment youíve decided to demand.  A tender moment with family may be best spent in a secluded or private family home or on a trip to a resort or a cabin.  

Week of June 23, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Astrology Blog

A friend behind the scenes or someone who is working with an institution will help stabilize your income.  You would benefit from time alone with loved ones in an intimate family setting so maybe a trip to a cabin or a camping trip would be relaxing.  Finances may improve but a funding source or financial partnership may become less certain until late November.

Week of June 16, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Weekly Astrology Blog Mars Joins the South Node and the Full Moon on Pluto

A friendship or a relationship may surprise you with an emotionally charged outburst, which changes everything.  Communications improve and mix-ups with details sort out after midweek.  You may let go of a sibling or a neighbor who has caused great distress.  When the dust settles, you will have solider bases for relationships.

Week of June 9, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Blog on Mercury Retrograde

Friendís and organizations get you in back into the social swing.  Someone wants to renegotiate a friendship and they may restore communication.  Travel and lively trips to clubs and restaurants add zip to your life.  Hide your wallet, as friends may need a few extra bucks to make it all happen.  

Week of June 2, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

Blog on Mercury Retrograde

Youíre full of energy and ready to spend time socializing with friends.  Home may get a facelift with the help of friends or children.  Donít be surprised if documents become a big part of your life as something from the past comes up for another review.  An old friend may suggest romance.  Finances are shifting so expect three weeks of changes.

Week of May 26, 2008

Question & Answer and Full Horoscope

A friend from the past may come to stay with you. An organization or a cherished dream may need to be worked out more before you go forward as finances are involved. Youíve been careful with spending in order to strengthen your financial base, but that might be more difficult for the next three weeks.

Week of May 19, 2008

Question & Answer

Friends may bring financial opportunities. You may have to lay down the law with someone who is usually a good friend. Others may go against your wishes and opt for freedom rather than follow the rules you try to enforce. An old friend may want to reunite.

Week of May 12, 2008

Question & Answer

An intense family situation may supercede your career and it will be necessary to stay flexible.  Improvements are possible in work and health.  Let loving friends and family members take you out for some fun.  The full Moon Monday may bring a challenging confrontation.    

Week of May 5, 2008

Question & Answer

Your take-charge style is back with new energy and a new sense of direction. A foreign influence or more education is opening new horizons for you. Job improvements begin now, but don't look for changes until September.

Week of April 28, 2008

Weekly Question 
Keep your eyes open for career changes. Your bosses may decide it's time to shift your talents to a better fit.
  You may gain financially from this, too. Long-range plans to stabilize your life come together now if you seize the day. Foreign or spiritual influences open new horizons.  Any plans for long distance travel could be fortunate.

 Week of April 21, 2008

Someone at home may agitate you regarding your job.    Donít count on money that you donít have yet.  A well-meaning boss may not know as much as they think and you may be the one who is left holding the fuse.  Someone foreign may be a significant influence in your life, but donít commit funds to take a long trip at this time.  Wait until the dust settles and you see more of what is involved.

Week of April 14, 2008

Significant progress comes for your career goals. Bosses help you take the next step up. Finances stabilize, although you may feel everyone helping with this is conservative and dull. Finances benefit from a boss who decides you've got what it takes to go far.

Week of April 7, 2008

The dreams of visiting a distant place might spark trouble at work. More training might help sharpen your skills but lookout for a situation behind the scenes, or an institution that is challenging your financial stability. A family member might need financial aid, but don't let your money fly out of your hands like a bird on the wing. It will be difficult to put a limit on the spending once it gets started.

Week of March 30, 2008

The dreams of visiting a distant place may spark trouble at work.  More training may help sharpen your skills but lookout for a situation behind the scenes, or an institution that is challenging your financial stability.  A family member may need financial aid, but donít let your money fly out of your hands like a bird on the wing.  It will be difficult to put a limit on the spending once it gets started.

Week of March 24, 2008

A major financial improvement may come through some complicated maneuvering, but it will work so go with it. Ideas that come through dreams or your intuition may seem unusual but the creative ones are the ones that will work.

Question for the astrologer: I have remarried after the death of a husband who I loved very much. I am afraid I may have made a big mistake. My 18 year-old son was very close to his father and is having a hard time adjusting to my new partner. I am not sure what to do. The man I married loves me and is good to me, but is much more immature than I thought when we married. I feel deceived. Can you give me any advice? My birthday is April 26, 1962.

The astrologer says ... This situation will take a few years to sort out. The marriage may be less stressed from April until December but it will present challenges again after that for the next 7 years. That may just mean that adjusting to the new marriage may put you in a difficult position with your son for years to come. This year is fortunate, especially after mid summer. Your marriage will improve significantly after next January and it looks like you will be able to manage until then. In about three years your relationship with your son may improve and he may adjust to the new stepfather, if you can be patient until then and you appear to have great patience.

Week of March 17, 2008

The full Moon lights up your life with a neighbor, a visitor or a trip. This month you feel like Danica Patrick driving the Indie 500. It's a go and you have the inside track. Work may bring a confrontation with someone who is at a distance or someone from a foreign background.

Week of March 10, 2008

You may feel like the Leprechauns are getting to you this St. Paddy's Day. Finances may go up and down like the shillelagh but you will have an opportunity to improve your work situation through a better arrangement. Friends want to work with you, and it looks like a go, but there is a difficult wrinkle that won't be easy to iron out.

Week of March 4, 2008

A friendship may shift dramatically and family matters may cause conflict if you don't handle everyone with kid gloves this week. A matter that has been hanging in the balance since September will finally push you to take a stand. A work or health matter will rock your world around March 7 when you decide enough is enough and too much is plenty.

Week of February 25, 2008

A partnership issue is going your way, but there might be a wrinkle. Legal matters might turn out better than expected and financial opportunities are excellent. Friendships might test your patience but open-minded approaches will pay off. Someone wants to talk about important things. Finances might need another look and a possible overhaul with the most recent eclipse in your money sector.

Week of December 11, 2007

Home is a joy so plan that skating trip or outing with loved ones.  Resist an impulse to max out your credit cards.  A feeling of false confidence or panic may hit, but if you wait it will pass by next week.  Travel may look good now, especially with your children or a love interest. 

Weekly Question

Astrology Advice for the week of December 11, 2007 

I had a powerful dream and when I woke up, I felt like I talked to someone in my life who died in 1999.  She came and told me she missed me and talked to me about the past and I felt that it was a real conversation.  Can my star chart tell me anything about the dreams?  My birthday is September 24, 1973.


Planets can tell an astrologer how psychically sensitive a person is.  Dreams are associated with the planet Neptune.  You have a very intuitive chart and most likely have often gotten impressions that we usually call intuitive or psychic. 

Many cultures believe that dreams are only a different side of our conscious reality. Native tribes all over the world believe that dreams are also a reality and that they can gain important insight by discussing their dreams with family members and going back into the dream in a waking state to resolve the issue. 

  Others believe dreams give us a chance to see ahead to the future, and some of the studies on near death experiences have proven that dreams can be prophetic.  Given your sensitivity, it is quite likely that you had a meaningful communication from your loved one on the other side.   Write down the dream and the feelings you had, and meditate on it.  Look at it again in a few weeks, and it may bring a healing experience.  


Week of October 29, 2007

The full Moon may bring a sudden shift in your career, but Saturn has your back so financially you should land on your feet. Your financial picture may pull forward and take you to solid ground for the first time in months. Emotions run high with loved ones at home who want more time with you, and changes loom on the home scene. Someone may want to return or you may improve your home.

Week of July 16, 2007

The sun's movement into your golden sign brings you the best fortune of the year. A demanding boss may steal credit for your ideas, so find a way to watch your back. Great energy is spent rethinking your career but a great deal of financial fortune may come your way if you exercise patience. Leo can make significant financial gains if you focus on career options.

Week of July 9, 2007

The sun's movement into your golden sign brings you the best fortune of the year. A demanding boss may steal credit for your ideas, so find a way to watch your back. Great energy is spent rethinking your career but a great deal of financial fortune may come your way if you exercise patience. Leo can make significant financial gains if you focus on career options.

Week of July 2, 2007

With the full moon in your work sector, many of your plans come together. A partnership becomes stronger and more difficult as you may have to play second banana to someone who can teach you the meaning of "get yourself together." Leo is not used to stepping aside, but it will be worth it.

Week of June 25, 2007

With the full moon in your work sector, many of your plans come together. A partnership becomes stronger and more difficult as you may have to play second banana to someone who can teach you the meaning of "get yourself together." Leo is not used to stepping aside, but it will be worth it.

Week of June 11, 2007

Your ruler shines in the new moon as the golden wheel of good fortune turns in your direction. Make plans for trips back to a favorite old spot, especially if it is at a distance. Friends and family who've been estranged may show up on your doorstep, so show them your trademark Leo hospitality.

Week of March 19, 2007

Love and passion charge the air. Major insights and important information about a partnership or legal matter come from a secret source. The Solar Eclipse Sunday may shake up a personal or business matter as powerful forces may block plans.

Week of March 5, 2007

A legal/partnership matter may dissolve without the solid result you'd hoped would come. The Lunar Eclipse in your financial sector may bring back a plan you had scrapped and this time it will work with the help of partners. Legal matters and contracts will be renegotiated.

Week of Feb 26, 2007

The sun's move into romantic, compassionate Pisces stimulates the money flow. Follow your intuition while you sort out the finances that have created problems. A partner proposes unusual approaches and you are content to remain in the shadows for now.

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Week of Feb 19, 2007

Glamorous Leo enjoys dancing at the clubs for a romantic Valentine's Day. A partner or friend brings hidden information to light that could trigger a strong emotional reaction. Love and pleasure are complex, not Leo's favorite combination. The Sun's move into romantic, compassionate Pisces stimulates the money flow.

Week of Feb 12, 2007

 Romantic Leo is ardent for a partner or a special friend on Valentine's Day. Plan a dinner date at an out-of-the way inn and show your love how attentive you can be. Someone may request a second chance and you'll give it to them.

Week of Feb 7, 2007

Romantic Leo is ardent for a partner or a special friend on Valentine's Day. Plan a dinner date at an out-of-the way inn and show your love how attentive you can be. Someone may request a second chance and you'll give it to them.

Week of Jan 29, 2007

A powerful partnership may arise out of what started as a casual, fun association. But proceed with caution in situations where someone promises romance or illusion as it will come with the mist but go out with a big fight when someone decides your judgment is not sound.

Week of Jan 22, 2007

Work and health get a newer, fresher start. A stronger income is promised in the New Moon. All the hard work you've done leads to your own field of dreams. Partnerships are all you could dream of, just side step a financial issue.

Week of Jan 15, 2007

If you are dating someone, you may become closer and make plans. Friendships are more dear than ever as you have more fun and new, positive ideas for future plans. Socializing is great now and if friends come and pull you out for a night at a club, it may just spark your best ideas.

Week of Jan 8, 2007

A secret may come to light with the Full Moon in your sector of secrets. You need mediation time so this is the time to retreat and listen to your inner voice. A new business interest or friendship brings you closer to a partner. Work improves

Week of Jan 1, 2007

The new year starts with an improvement at work or in your health. A new financial opportunity may be the big news. A favorite boss may suggest a way to increase your pay and it might require a more creative or open-minded approach. A love interest may become something more.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 23)

New Year's may bring a younger friend who sparks up some lightning in your world. Finally, a friend who has common sense about money, something highly prized by careful Virgo. A secret ally with clout may help with an idea that will improve your work.

Libra (Sept. 24 - Oct. 22)

Someone who blows into your home with the fresh winds of the New Year brings a chance for greater financial fortune. A prominent friend may suggest a new direction that is unusual and lets you show your creative flair.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

A financial opportunity comes with someone younger who appears in your office or neighborhood. It could also involve a sibling. Finances get a lift from an unusual, romantic approach but the money could go out as fast as it comes in, so save that extra income.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

Your New Year's resolution includes a note to yourself to have more faith in your abilities and ideas. A financial cycle has just improved so don't give your power away. An influential person from a distant place may have creative new ideas that make home more fun.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

A new opportunity to open doors to a financial plan is a better idea, so go for it. A secret friendship may cost you but it will expand your outlook on life. Someone of great influence encourages your imagination.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

A financial idea is brilliant so keep it to yourself. Work with an institution may lead to an income boost. A partner may become a major influence in a plan for a more imaginative career direction. Friends may have great new ideas, but they'll cost you.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

Friends are the treasure of this New Year. Plans for more financial security and new friends who want to help you get there, make the future look especially bright. A career move is tricky and may start with some confusion but once again, friends will help.


Week of Dec 25, 2006

Love is fun and transforms your life as you are reminded of how much you love those close to you. Children, love partners and friends have a lot of change coming into their lives with the new moon, and loyal Leo will plan a great gathering for the holidays.

Week of Dec 20, 2006

The holiday season brings great fun and treasured time with loved ones. Take vacations to far-off places, eat at ethnic restaurants and read books about different spiritual traditions as good fortune may come from any of these activities.

Week of Dec 11, 2006

Travel and far-off places may rejuvenate your outlook on life; if you get the chance, grab your bags and take off. Children may be in the scenario and a round of parties may bring introductions in a setting where everyone has a holiday glow.

Week of Nov 27, 2006

A better relationship with lovers or children starts a happy new cycle. Invitations to a round of holiday events come your way. A sudden development in a relationship may cost more then expected. Difficult communications may cause blocks and frustrations.

Week of Nov 20, 2006

Someone wants to return to the home, and messages that were lost get through after Friday. Intimate moments sizzle, so spend time with someone special. Frustrations come with partnerships and legal matters, so just kick back and relax until next week.

Week of Nov 13, 2006

Home and loved ones are fun, and strong feelings are aroused. Finances could take a quantum leap with you as determined as you have ever been to make your dreams come true and get your plans on the road. Passion heats up your love life.

Week of Nov 6, 2006

Hard work culminates with your heart's desire as efforts come to fruition. The Full Moon brings rewards after months of hard work and you can see the great strides you're making. Teamwork at home brings a closer feeling in a relationship.

Week of Oct 30, 2006

Good news from a family member may call for a celebration. Family members bring interesting new developments at home. Important new introductions may light up the family sector. Someone who is just what you've been looking for may appear.

Week of Oct 23, 2006

A difficult block starts to shift and bring benefits in your direction. Restrictions may turn into great benefits. Someone in your family or the neighborhood brings you into a social whirl of people who could really help you work out a difficult relationship.

Week of Oct 16, 2006

A trip could change your life. If friends want to go to an exotic location, take your most seductive, threads. Get out and go to art exhibits and steamy foreign movies. A sibling may introduce you to a friend who is a bon vivant and it may shift your paradigm.

Week of Oct 9, 2006

A new direction refreshes your outlook. The Full Moon is in your sector of education or foreign matters. A plan that started around March is starting to bring rewards. A partner is loving ó if you have one ó if not, a romantic vacation could bring you someone.

Week of Oct 3, 2006

Patience and responsible attention to details in the past bring rewards now. Finances improve from trips and visitors and you make connections from going out and just having fun with others, so leave those works clothes behind and get out and party.

Week of September 25, 2006

Financial hopes and dreams bring you a higher vision of life. New social plans improve your finances. Love may bring good fortune or a visit from someone who brightens up your life. The solar eclipse brings important news about a legal matter or partner.

Week of September 18, 2006

A romantic or meditation weekend will restore your inner Leo fire. An urge to play may come down to earth with a thud due to financial restrictions. This will be a fact of life for the next year. The ups and downs of love and friendship even out when things start going your way Tuesday.

Week of September 11, 2006

Leo needs patience with a partnership matter that may test your faith. This may take a friendship to greater depths if handled well. The lunar eclipse brings a challenge to be more creative and intuitive in your approach to finances. Arguments over funds erupt Saturday. Love is featured.

Week of September 3, 2006

A situation you thought was secure suddenly rearranges. Legal matters and partnerships become unpredictable and unreliable. Financial matters seem to be handled and then need to be reworked. This is a time of great complexity so relax and be flexible until next week.

Week of August 28, 2006

Leo's inspiration leads the way for others. Details and organization sort themselves out. Finances deliver after your major effort. Love and partnerships work at first but just when you thought it was safe, you feel like your back on the Mad Tea Cup ride at the crazy love theme park.

Week of August 21, 2006

All that glitters is not gold, but if you're patient it may be soon. A lot of effort is finally merging with good fortune to make dreams come true. It may involve a powerful friend, lover or child. Then, you'll clean house with someone who is giving you the shaft.

Week of August 14, 2006

Partnerships are mirrors in which we see ourselves through the eyes of others. A partnership may surprise you when irregularities come to light. If you are involved in a legal matter, the other side may throw a curve ball. Be ready if a financial plan dissolves.

Week of Aug 7,  2006

A minor frustration may come as you feel overshadowed by someone who demands a great deal of structure. You'll be tempted to overspend, which will actually work out if you don't go too far. An opportunity to earn money from exacting, detail work will materialize late in the week.

Week of July 31, 2006

You carry a secret in your heart. To quote the poet William Wordsworth, "and then my heart with pleasure fills and dances with the daffodils." Perhaps he wrote it when he was in love with someone quiet and sincere. Now that deep ocean of love is on your shore, too.

Week of July 24, 2006

Leo's heart is as big as the sun. Frustrations and hung-up details will be a bother until Mercury goes forward Wednesday. Until then, just entertain friends returning to your life and enjoy the summer. A financial rearrangement will take patience and resourcefulness through September.

Week of July 17, 2006

Leo has the answers to a dilemma ó just look within. Siblings play a key role and may encourage a break from someone. Friends/lovers stretch your patience like that saying, "You rock, you stone, you worse than senseless thing." But all is well that ends well. Love and friendship triumph.

Week of July 10, 2006

Shedding your skin is just another way of transforming. Don't worry, you'll survive the incredible frustrations and the feelings that everyone else is living in another universe. The Full Moon in your sector of secrets brings hidden facts to light that change the course of your work.

Week of July 3, 2006

Change comes from within. This is your chance to reorganize, so plan some personal time to veg and work out the brain tangles. While you're at it, schedule a massage and work the kinks out of your muscles. Friends are ready to help you, so talk to them.

Week of June 26, 2006

Listen for the answer to a problem. The New Moon brings back home a family member who tells you secrets that fill in a lot of blanks and answers questions. This may help you with a financial matter that has been causing trouble and that you've kept to yourself.

Week of June 19, 2006

All that glitters is not gold, unless you're a Leo. But brace yourself for a difficult decision. Work may come into conflict with a partnership and you've had questions about a vague dissatisfaction you've been feeling. A friend may refuse to deal with a love situation, forcing a turning point.

Week of June 12, 2006

Career and family tug on you, and unlike the contestants on "Survivor" you are on both teams, which further complicates matters. The full moon shines its rays on your destiny, and if you meditate on what that means you could make a quantum leap farther along your evolutionary path.

Week of June 5, 2006

You may be the answer to a friend's dilemma or you may be asked to mediate a sibling's family troubles. Someone may have a talk with you that is the beginning-of-the-end of the association. The frustrations of the week heighten when a boss insists you follow rules to the letter.

Week of May 29, 2006

A friend behind the scenes helps you secure a work situation or legal matter. Organize a unique vacation that will bring a love interest or renew passion with a current partner. Plan a summer getaway to a romantic vista like the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck in June.

Week of May 22. 2006

Leo sees the brilliance of Gemini's ideas and friends bring you opportunities that are lucrative. An educational or foreign opportunity comes through your partner and if you can keep an open mind, it will be a treasure, especially around Monday when your ship comes in.

Week of May 17, 2006

After you decide to become one of the last of the big-time spenders, a modicum of sanity reappears and you negotiate your way out of an impending financial disaster. This takes considerable eating of crow, a dish familiar to you. Decisions are forced before you're ready.

Week of May 1, 2006

You get recognition for accomplishments, but there are difficult circumstances blocking your forward progress. A decisive new direction brings a partnership back together or stops a legal matter from becoming a problem. Don't take on a new partner this week.

Week of April 24, 2006

Good news from someone at a distance or in higher education helps firm up a partnership or resolves a legal matter. Finances come through love or an unusual and creative source that may involve the arts. You may need to spend more than you can afford for your career image.

Week of April 17, 2006

Finances are as rough as a bad karaoke song until Sunday, when a dramatic improvement may save you. An unusual or artistic woman may suggest a financial solution or partnership. A settlement is also likely to go in your favor. The Full Moon may bring trouble with a sibling.

Week of April 3, 2006

Your life changes direction with an opportunity with the Solar Eclipse in your sector of education. News may come of a financial partnership or an inheritance, but don't count your money until you double check. Someone creative and nurturing may not be financially savvy.

Week of Mar 7, 2006

A financial opportunity brings you more financial freedom, but others must adjust to living in your shadow. Something that started Feb. 12 will need rethinking, but it will finally come together March 26. Get affairs in order before Thursday, as circumstances become more confusing.

Week of Feb 20, 2006

A friend drags you out for some much needed R&R. Maybe a trip to the bookstore will restore you from the winter blahs. A rip-roaring fight could break out if you don't watch what you say. Sunday is a better time for meaningful talks. Confrontations are less likely.

Week of Jan 30, 2006

A partnership takes a more prominent role in your life, which is the good news and the bad news. You may need patience and an open mind since this partner is involved in technology and wants you to accept all their friends into your life and your home. It could be worse couldn't it?

Week of Jan 23, 2006

Your career may hit a rough spot with a partner who objects to the expenses required to keep up. You may find someone at home has been overspending and resources you counted on have evaporated. Your partner may be a source of great new ideas so go with them.

Week of Oct 24, 2005

A situation at home is very intense as you reach for the brass ring and try to get the best of a powerful opportunity. Finances bounce you around like a bucking bronco but your sheer determination to hang on will insure that you come out a winner, like always.

Week of Jan 2, 2006

The New Year comes with a New Moon that charges up work opportunities. Don't be afraid to work with someone who is conservative but financially stable, as you will learn a lot from watching him organize his tasks.

Week of Oct 17, 2005

A friendship or love interest sparks a longing for an ideal world where everyone gets along, but your career is like a Halloween theme park with the strange and unexpected jumping out at you. With a creative approach, it may all work out and could even be fun.

Week of Oct 10, 2005

Love may come with someone near you. A fortunate opportunity is possible now through documents, self-expression or siblings. Information about a partnership comes through a hunch, but the mystery continues to bring more questions than answers.

Week of Sep 26, 2005

Friends help you realize goals that change your life. An important person works closely with you to help lighten up that restricted feeling you've had since mid-July when Saturn entered your sign. Someone close wants you to come out and play so plan a trip for fun.

Week of Oct 3, 2005

Friends help you realize goals that change your life. An important person works closely with you to help lighten up that restricted feeling you've had since mid-July when Saturn entered your sign. Someone close wants you to come out and play so plan a trip for fun.

Week of Sep 19, 2005

Finances move onto a better track if you attend to details and documents. Exciting Leo needs patience while so many details are sorting themselves out. Others are patient and methodical where you're like a racehorse waiting for officials to open the gates.

Week of Sep 12, 2005

Surprising financial developments may cause confusion and a mistake may spur you to rethink a relationship. Freedom from details may be necessary so that your heart can find its true path. This could involve complications in documents or confusion over a will.

Week of Sep 5, 2005

Surprising financial developments may cause confusion and a mistake may spur you to rethink a relationship. Freedom from details may be necessary so that your heart can find its true path. This could involve complications in documents or confusion over a will.

Week of Aug 17, 2005

The full moon in your partnership sector may mean a relationship finally comes full circle. Or it may mean a completion of a legal or contractual matter. Stability comes through help from someone behind the scenes.

Week of Aug 10, 2005

A financial matter or a purchase may cause trouble. Despite your legendary generosity, someone may be jealous or feel left out. Communications are full of rough spots but a quantum leap is likely with someone at a distance. Plans go forward on the 16th.

Week of July 25, 2005

This is your month and since Leo loves gold, now is the time to collect it, whether from rays of the sun, new jewelry purchases, or lavishing time on a loved one who warms your golden heart. Someone close needs you so turn on your heart light.

Week of July 18, 2005

This is your week to be extra cautious of a partner or friend who wants to reconcile. A profound communication may change your life, by opening up a new direction or revealing critical information. Love is on your mind and in the air so if the right situation comes along it will probably work.

Week of July 11, 2005

Love is in the air and friends want to take you to glamorous spots where you will get your groove back after months of hard work. Dance the nights away and spend leisure time at the beach. A partner's mysterious behavior may bring out you inner Sherlock Holmes.

Week of July 5, 2005

Behind-the-scenes maneuvering, or someone from a different culture may bring more fun into your life and possibly a trip. Financial opportunities make a quantum leap if you can stay focused.

Week of June 27, 2005

A lot is happening behind the scenes and some of it will demand your undivided attention. A major healing is possible now if you can let go of baggage you have carried for many years. Release your emotions and the family complications and move forward.

Week of June 20, 2005

Someone behind the scenes may make big promises but remember, not every ride at Disney World is what you expect either. In other words, take a conservative approach to financial plans. Watch for a financial opportunity from a most unusual direction, maybe involving a partner.

Week of June 13, 2005

The fun starts with friends who want to become partners. Communication gets rough around finances with a possible altercation. Saturday shifts into Nascar race mode when things start to speed up and go your way. Friendship is warm. A friend disapproves of your love choice.

Week of June 6, 2005

Lively friends are a soothing balm for problems. The new moon Monday is alive with conversations and ideas. Finances improve through family suggestions. Love/friendship behind the scenes is tender and private with subtle conversations. Family may provide resources.

Week of May 26, 2005

Shifting winds blow in a partner from the past, who wasn't reliable the first time, but they come with great charm and good intentions, and you know what they say about the road to hell being paved with good intentions. Spend time with friends but be patient if they are irritable.

Week of May 16, 2005

Leo is purring since a boss crosses your palm with some cash and you no longer feel like you have the Rodney Dangerfield blues, ("I can't get no respect").   A big kahuna behind the scenes from work has helped. Someone may become your new really best friend.

Week of May 2, 2005

A friendship returning from the past is great but may cause some upheaval and decisions -- or at least loud arguments. Confidant Leo is undaunted by disagreements with someone who says "my way or the highway" and you send them on their way. Private time with family is the best.

Week of April 21, 2005

The lunar eclipse brings a surprise at home that comes right out of the blue. An intense exchange comes with a hot family topic from the past. Leo is a natural leader who says "show me the money" to bosses and partners, and this time you get it. A partner is your hero.

Week of April 14, 2005

A partnership may shift as you reassess hopes and dreams and a belief about someone in your life: Like the song lyrics, "The world was on fire and no one could save me but you." Unclear circumstances may remain a mystery. A powerful new career direction could change your life, so move quickly.

Week of April 7, 2005

With the solar eclipse in Aries, someone at a distance may rock your world. Philosophy, spiritual values, and a new purpose energize you. Like Alice in Wonderland, the path has magically reappeared before you after years wandering in the forest. Wait until after April 12 to reveal your Leo warrior strategy.

Week of Mar 31, 2005

A new purpose in your life turns up the flame on your passions, and relationships are part of the good news. A significant other may feel they are living in your shadow as you step forward to grab your destiny. Legal issues may return to be resolved.

Week of Mar 17, 2005

A love interest at a distance wants to reopen communications and this contact may bring a lucrative opportunity.  You have more energy for new ideas and new training and you are rethinking the guidance of a new influence in your life.  A secret matter with a partner clears up and improves. 

Week of Feb 24, 2005

Finances come from unusual directions and a benefactor may be willing to help. Emotions run high while someone reveals feelings and a new relationship is possible. Careful about too much partying, and don't believe fairy tales about large windfalls of money. A change of income is possible now.

Week of Feb 17, 2005

Finances may require your attention but implement new ideas based on intuition. Your hunches are amazing now. Money may come from settlements, especially if they involve health matters. You get a deeper look into a partner's circumstances. Secret info may open a door to financial gain.

Week of Feb 10, 2005

Partnerships give an inspiring vision of the future. Use caution with grandiose suggestions that include unusual arrangements involving other people. A utopian world is more attractive in theory than practice, since you may be the one making the sacrifices. A brilliant idea about money comes.


Week of Feb 3, 2005

Love may be in the air; with someone who is definitely marching to a tune only they can hear.   Your imagination is coming up with amazing new ideas but you may find out after this week only some of them look good to you later.  Sunday business details need your total attention so take action.

Week of January 24, 2005

A matter behind the scenes or a coworker who is at odds with you comes into direct conflict with a friend at work.  A powerful love interest or business opportunity may put you at odds with a family member or someone at home.  A prominent friend may want to negotiate a romantic relationship.

Week of January 17. 2005

The Full Moon in your sector of marriage and legal partnerships brings an exciting opportunity.  A coworker or friend in the neighborhood may bring you a new love interest (or be the new love interest) or help with the kids.  Work responsibilities f

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