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Week of Aug 17, 2009


Wed new Moon in Leo at 6:02am EDT. Prepare meditations so you have time to think about them during the actually moment of the new Moon.  You've been busy chatting and generally raising hell with someone who usually dishes some of it out.  Get ready for the grand finale in the next week when you really duke it out with a major player and someone who doesn't necessarily fight fair. Or they just wield a lot of power, even if it is not fairly won.  You've been contemplating this blood letting since Christmas of 2007, so prepare for the final major battle.  If you have to leave a situation, then just do it and don't look back.  You've changed and your financial relationship with your family or significant other is about to receive the master stroke.


New Moon in your home sector may mean big improvements, although they'll cost you more than you expect, but, for once, thrifly Taurus will spend for beauty.  Big opportunities in your career are still developing so don't get impatient, let time show you its wisdom. But the next career cycle may be a much improved approach.  A love interest or someone fun is in the office or the neighborhood. Prepare for a financial surprise (and not in a good way) in the next few days.  






o talk talk talk - at least in the beginning.     








The solar eclipse in Cancer is in your love and children sector.  It may free you up from a matter that involves recreation and creative approaches, or independent work.  If there is a love interest, count on an emotionally intense experience with someone who has a major family orientation.  Love may also light up your home and involve a living situation.  But you are ultimately still in the throws of deciding what you want and that will still take a few months to shake out.

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