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If you get this card, someone in the situation, and that may be you, is in a situation that can be likened to the point where milk almost turns to cream.  This is the point where you, or the person or situation you are asking about, are about to manifest a higher expression of what you have been working toward.  The magician card tells us that something is about to spring into manifestation, probably something that we have wanted.  

A business deal is manifesting.  You are manifesting your desires.

If you get this card, you are about to manifest what you have wanted, and even more than that, you may be just about to learn mastery over your life and how to manifest what you want as a rule.  You may be learning to focus on making things happen as you want them to, but this is not your will alone, this is a manifestation of what the higher will wants, as well, so you are able to focus on making the energy manifest in the material world, and bringing about the circumstances that are in alignment with a higher purpose.

In the "Legend: The Arthurian Tarot" this card is " Merlin".





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