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"Call to Arms" by Edmund Lord Leighton 1888

Son of the Morning 

Chief Among the Mighty

If you chose the this card, you are in a period where you are ambitious.  You are becoming mature and decisive and your decisions are taking you toward a leadership position.  You are a strong male energy, taking responsibility for overseeing others who need protection and the wisdom of your guidance.  You are becoming a mature leader who can also act as a benefactor for others and help them make progress along their way.



This card indicates a mature male energy, or the ability to make mature decisions and take charge in an effective way.

If you get this card, you are becoming mature and may be taking a position of authority in your community and family.  This indicates confidence, authority, and establishment.  It may indicate government of family leadership. You are mentally assertive, exercising dominion  and intellectual passion.

In the "Legend:The Arthurian Tarot" this card is " Gwyn Ab Nudd and the Wild Hunt".



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