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If you choose this card, it indicates  surrender to a transformation in your personality.  This transformation will take you to a period of greater depth and understanding and deeper into your core.  It is a surrender to the transformation that a soul makes as it evolves toward its highest expression.  This surrender will bring a reversal in your life style that you may long to see.

This can indicate a period of enduring self sacrifice as a part of an initiation into a higher wisdom bringing with it increased prophetic power and wisdom.

This card means self imposed isolation or a sacrifice for others that is not one you should be making.

If you got the Hanged Man, you may be in a period of meditation or self imposed isolation  that you need to find  the solitude that will  you need to find peace within.  This may be a time when you suspend your life and refrain from making an important decision until you have a clearer intuition about the right direction.  You may retreat into solitude due to a period of grief but it is most likely a time when you conquer a material temptation or a personal temptation.  This card indicates wisdom, prophetic powers, and possibly self sacrifice.   There is a warning with this card not to be a willing sacrifice for someone or a circumstance that is not worthy of you.     

In the "Legend: The Arthurian Tarot", this card is based on the legend of the champions of the Lady of Lyones. This card is called "Castle Perilous".

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