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The Crystal Ball by John William Waterhouse

"And if there come the singers and the dancers and the flute players ...
 they too are gatherers of fruit and frankincense, and that which they bring, though fashioned of dreams, is raiment and food for your soul." 

 The Prophet by Kahlil Gabran

Unique Parties and Event Entertainment

Plan an astrology mini reading party for an event that is truly unique. Astrologer and journalist Lynne Crandall is an astrologer who had a self-syndicated newspaper and magazine astrology column in Gannett newspapers in Michigan and South Carolina.  Lynne is available to do mini readings as speaker or for unique event entertainment.  She can provide lectures, seminars, workshops and parties

Lynne can provide tarot mini readings, astrology mini readings and demonstrate individual perfume blending for personal transformation, as well as romance.  She has provided entertainment for corporate holiday and employee parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and numerous other events.

Contact Lynne for more information


Tel: 517-371-8495

Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties, Corporate Parties, Wedding Showers, Bachelorette Parties 

Lynne's entertaining look into the personality and future prospects of the guest or guests of honor provides fun for the whole group.  Individual mini tarot readings for the whole group usually follow.  

Now Lynne can come in period costumes and dress to set the mood and circulate among the guests or in street garb.

Prices are reasonable but vary according to entertainment.  Entertainment can be scheduled together or separately.  For prices contact Lynne at 517-371-8495 or email her at   

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History of Malpass Family in East Jordan



A giant helps Merlin build Stonehenge. From a manuscript of the Roman de Brut by Wace in the British Library (Egerton 3028). This is the oldest known depiction of Stonehenge from Wikipedia


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