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Laura Dietrich Henna (Mehndi) body art / email or phone 517-339-2411/  Haslett, Michigan                                                                              

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Mehndi Body Art by Laura Dietrich of Haslett, near East Lansing, Michigan


Laura Dietrich Henna (Mehndi) body art BODYDYE,  Body Painting by Laura Dietrich  of the Lansing area.

Tel: 517-339-2411           


Laura is located in Haslett, Michigan.

Mehndi Body Art 

The traditional 5000-year-old East Indian method of body painting is the art of gracing hands and feet with beautiful designs in henna, which lasts around three weeks from the time it is applied.  After the art is drawn it stays on for a few hours to let the dye set and then it can be removed.  The dye stain leaves a beautiful style of body art that is not permanent on the skin. Laura makes her henna from the freshest herbs and essential oils.

There have been traces found on mummies, dating back 5000 years.  Today it is still a common practice for celebrations and wedding ceremonies.  Lately it has become more popular in the western world as a temporary tattoo.  Like all Mehndi artists, Laura makes her own recipe of fresh henna and exotic essential oils. 

Laura is available for Mehndi parties or any party or event.  She also has gift certificates available and Mehndi makes a very unique gift. 

For your Mehndi design, call or email Laura

The Mehndi Artist (Laura Dietrich) body work and her tray of her own henna (with exotic essential oils and the freshest henna dye).

The recipe varies depending on the artist.  Ingredients are all natural and consist of the ground leaf of a henna plant, coffee, tea, lemon juice, exotic oils, and spices.  The mud like substance is applied onto the skin and left for many hours.  Once removed, the skin where the design was placed has been dyed a reddish, orange, brown color.  The design will last from two to three weeks as it slowly fades away.  

Mehndi artist, Laura Dietrich, has been practicing the art 11 years and can be seen at local festivals and events around the greater Lansing area.  She learned the art of body painting from Loretta Roome in New York City. Loretta has a book published called, "Mehndi, The Timeless Art of Henna Painting" published by St. Martin's Griffin.  If you are interested in a Mehndi design, call Laura for an appointment at BODYDYE, 517.339.2411.

Below is a sample of body art from Laura's photo gallery.



In China, the feet and ankles are considered erotic.  Mehndi on the erotic ankle.



Mehndi art on Wedding hands with ring.



Guy Mehndi - a little Native art on the bicep.



Mendhi around the waist makes a great artists canvas.



For Your Eyes Only..Mehndi on the seductive back. 


In many Eastern cultures, there is a belief that Mehndi on the pregnant belly brings good luck and protection for the unborn child.


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