This is Roland DeMars. He lives near East Lansing, Michigan, where he teaches Romance languages in cafes around the area.  Roland is a translator, Romance Language teacher, and world traveler.  His friend, Hamid Murshid, made a video of Roland, available on You Tube, called Reluctant Ode to Akmak by Monsoon.


Roland DeMars Okemos December 2008


Email Roland DeMars at rdakara@hotmail.com

More photos below.

Here are some links to photos of him.

Roland with Francisco 

Roland on his own cross - 6-4-2009

Roland on the pavement 6-4-2009

OOOOOMMMM What a surprise! 12-2008

Roland in the Garden

Roland Ecce Homo (Painting of Roland)

Roland as the Fool in the tarot

Floating Roland

The Two Faces of Gemini Roland DeMars

Roland with Doggie Christmas 2006


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