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The Crystal Ball by John William Waterhouse

"And if there come the singers and the dancers and the flute players ...
 they too are gatherers of fruit and frankincense, and that which they bring, though fashioned of dreams, is raiment and food for your soul." 

 The Prophet by Kahlil Gabran

Lynne Crandall’s

White Rose of Provence

Presents this gift certificate to

 Lisa Humphrey

For An hour and a half  Psychic Astrology Reading with Intuitive Astrologer Lynne Crandall.

From: Elizabeth Piner

When: April 28, 2010

To make your appointment, contact Lynne Crandall with your birth date, time, and place (and if you don't have the exact time, mention that as Lynne does charts without the correct time often).

She will schedule you in and give you directions to her location in Okemos.  

Cut and paste the text part of this gift certificate and bring it with you when you come in for the reading.

Tel: 517-381-0848

Cell: 517-719-8391

email: lynne@whiteroseofprovence.com

Thank you!


 517- 381-0848   




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