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"Bacio" (The Kiss) by    Francesco Hayez shows the passionate and impetuous nature of Aries.  The love nature of Aries is exciting, impulsive, and fiery.

Aries SunSign Perfume

Ladies - Breathless                    Men - Rumrunner

  • Highlights your fiery charisma and breathtaking adventurousness

  • Rebalances your irritability and impatience

The essential oil blend for Aries is Frankincense and Cinnamon, a hot blend for fiery Aries. 

Aries Weekly Horoscope

AriesAries  The Ram (March 21 - April 20)

"On the stage he will take the part of Romans or the mighty heroes of myth,.. he will convince you that you see Troy's actual fall and Priam expiring before your very eyes." Manilus, Astronomica  Book 5, 1st century AD                                                       

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Weekly Horoscope

Week of March 24, 2007

Horoscope for Aries the Ram (March 21-April 20): This could be a terrific week when a career dream could come true thanks to a benevolent boss or someone in a position of authority. Dreams and intuition bring insight into personal issues. Friends and supporters, relationships or an institution may bring you good fortune.

Question for the astrologer: I have remarried after the death of a husband who I loved very much. I am afraid I may have made a big mistake. My 18 year-old son was very close to his father and is having a hard time adjusting to my new partner. I am not sure what to do. The man I married loves me and is good to me, but is much more immature than I thought when we married. I feel deceived. Can you give me any advice? My birthday is April 26, 1962.

The astrologer says ... This situation will take a few years to sort out. The marriage may be less stressed from April until December but it will present challenges again after that for the next 7 years. That may just mean that adjusting to the new marriage may put you in a difficult position with your son for years to come. This year is fortunate, especially after mid summer. Your marriage will improve significantly after next January and it looks like you will be able to manage until then. In about three years your relationship with your son may improve and he may adjust to the new stepfather, if you can be patient until then and you appear to have great patience.

Week of March 19, 2007

Major insights and juicy secrets fill in the blanks and help you negotiate your heart's desire. The Solar Eclipse Sunday opened a door to the answers.

Week of March 5, 2007

Illusions give way to reality so new plans are on solid ground. The Lunar Eclipse brings a work rearrangement and opportunities may return from the past. Dreams and intuition bring you a rare romantic intimacy. The flame of love and passion circle you like a flamenco dancer.

Week of Feb 26, 2007

Aries' intuition is stronger than usual but watch out as you may decide to break free from a powerful person who demands your loyalty. Independent thinking has become more important to you. High spirits rule and innovative ideas are brilliant so go with them.

For the astrologer's answer to a weekly reader's question go to Noise.

Week of Feb 19, 2007

Celebrating Valentine's Day with love and friendship may bring Aries closer to a partner as the love planets, Mars and Venus, smile on each other. The New Moon in the friendship sign of Aquarius works with Pluto to reveal deeply hidden feelings.

Week of Feb 12, 2007

With Valentine's Day, Aries' spontaneous love style is sultry and irresistible. Lovers often are breathless from your impulsive romantic gestures and adventurous approach. Dance the night away with friends at a club. Aries always shows the others how it's done.

Week of Feb 7, 2007

With Valentine's Day, Aries' spontaneous love style is sultry and irresistible. Lovers often are breathless from your impulsive romantic gestures and adventurous approach. Dance the night away with friends at a club. Aries always shows the others how it's done.

Week of Jan 29, 2007

Profound insight might come through communication with someone who plays an important role in your life. Basic values may change now as someone who acts as a teacher may open your eyes to a new vision of your life and what it could become.

Week of Jan 22, 2007

The New Moon in your career sector emphasizes new directions and more independent work. Friendship is as fulfilling as you are rejuvenated with the promise of a better world through the love of friends. A rift can be healed with communication.

Week of Jan 15, 2007

Action-oriented Aries may find the usual restlessness gives way to a firm decision to end a way of life and with that, you realize your values are changing. Arguments may clear the air but don't be lured into someone else's fight. A total transformation rocks your world.

Week of Jan 8, 2007

Family is the focus now with the Full Moon in the family-oriented sign of Cancer. Communications may surprise you as loved ones come through with new ideas and an open-minded attitude. Friendships coming into your life now bring new possibilities.

Week of Jan 1, 2007

Your New Year's resolution may include a request for a promotion and if it doesn't, it should. An idealistic friend may open doors to a new humanitarian project or influence you to study different cultural traditions. A boss may be surprisingly helpful.

Week of Dec 25, 2006

Find the place within yourself where you can find your center and inner peace for the holiday season. You will find ways to calm yourself with the changing values in the New Moon. Focus on your life's purpose and the secrets of someone's heart will be revealed.

Week of Dec 20, 2006

By reflecting on your deepest values, you treasure the joy of time shared with loved ones. Spiritual traditions and foreign or distant friends beckon you to join them, if only in spirit. Profound insight comes as creative approaches illuminate your life.

Week of Dec 11, 2006

Slow down and meditate and listen to the world around you. A partner is finally coming around to your way of thinking and may have a new spirit of cooperation. Fun is the focus after all that intensity. Deep insights and better communication open a better cycle.

Week of Nov 27, 2006

Foreign and exotic influences expand your horizons as you reflect on the spiritual meaning of the coming holidays. A trip to a distant place would rejuvenate you. Thoughts about more education or training are eclipsed by relationship problems.

Week of Nov 20, 2006

An interest in intriguing foreign places or travel lights up the coming holidays. After Friday, confusion clears over details. Finances show great promise, but may also cause stress with authority figures. Tuesday, friends bring the party to you.

Week of Nov 13, 2006

Sex and money matters are intense and passionate. Inheritances and settlements may be on the table, and love partnerships are explosive. Institutions or unusual friends behind the scenes may be beneficial. Messages and communication bring important information.

Week of Nov 6, 2006

Solid finances are a good foundation for a life that's well lived. The Full Moon in your financial sector may bring monetary stability from an unusual source if you let the love flow from your deepest creative source. Financial benefits are this week's blessing.

Week of Oct 30, 2006

Love may come with a hot connection and the intensity may rejuvenate you. Get all your details taken care of, as Mercury will start causing mix-ups in messages and travel after Saturday. Staying realistic about finances is your assignment, should you choose to accept it.

Week of Oct 23, 2006

Open up and let love into your life and your psyche as true miracles of emotional healing may come now. Profound and powerful forces bring major insights into your emotional needs. After the New Moon Sunday in Libra, financial opportunities may appear.

Week of Oct 16, 2006

A passionate commitment to a loved one brings greater stability. A higher love is possible now, perhaps with someone who was a friend. Feelings are strong but careful about your communications as words now may be misconstrued. Partnerships are bliss.

Week of Oct 9, 2006

Aries is a lover, not a fighter now with the Full Moon in your sign making aspects to planets in the romantic sign of Libra. Many Aries may pair up now. A friend returns to your life to bring spiritual understanding. An unusual approach may improve finances.

Week of Oct 3, 2006

A peaceful reflection on your life brings greater depth to your understanding of others. Loving feelings restore intimacy and closeness with loved ones and friends. Deep insights and explanations of relationship matters bring answers to lingering questions.

Week of September 25, 2006

Good health and good work are blessings that will sustain you through life's peaks and valleys. The solar eclipse in your solar house of work and health may bring you an opportunity for a job. Legal matters/partnerships shift with the help of friends or groups.

Week of September 18, 2006

This month's two eclipses open a window during which your life can change. Relax Thursday afternoon and make time for family. Watch what you say as promises of love may pop out. An urge for freedom changes to a fascination with a lover or friend.

Week of September 11, 2006

A new way of seeing brings greater self-knowledge. A lunar eclipse in the subconscious sector may spotlight your psyche and begin healing self-destructive patterns or insecurities from childhood. Insights into your life illuminate the next year and a half. Be patient on Saturday. Creek, Mich.

Week of September 4, 2006

Love is tested as your foundation shifts. Finances may experience a bump this week so tighten up on spending. Communications bring difficult surprises while friendships and love relationships become deeper and more profound. You get greater insight into unique personalities.

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