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Lynne is a Great Lakes astrologer who currently lives in Okemos, a suburb of Lansing, Michigan's capitol city, just minutes from Michigan State University, where she, her parents and her maternal grandmother attended college (we all graduated - whew! and yes, we are MSU sports fans). 

She spent much of her childhood and all of her summer vacations and holidays, on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Summers were spent in Northern Michigan, near Walloon Lake, where Ernest Hemmingway summered years before she was born, (his feet - and pen - left a big imprint). East Jordan, where her parent's spent their childhood and her mother's family still resides, and nearby Petoskey, Charlevoix, Traverse City, and Saugatuck, on Michigan's west shore near Chicago, are still her favorite places to spend time.

She has a  cat Tigerlily (full name Princess Tigerlily Buttercup, Queen of the Faeries), a small Russian Ballet Doll collection (made at the Old Imperial Workshop of the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, Russia,  from authentic ballet costume fabrics), and a special interest in antique and period clothing and fabric from around the world (clothes from antique Indonesian blankets, from hand woven, hand died, and hand sewn cloth from a nomadic tribe of India, from antique linen tablecloths of Ireland, etc), exotic essential oils, unusual and precious stones and minerals.   

She drives a 1988, maturing Toyota station wagon whose predecessors, "the Bedouin Princess", "the Nubian Queen", and "Nimue, the Lady of the Lake" also "maturing" Toyota wagons, were well known figures of authority and adventure throughout the region.

Lynne has a weekly self-syndicated Astrology Advice column that is carried in 3 Gannett newspapers and is currently a media advisor to the Michigan Association of Acupuncture.  She also blends her own line of Zodiac natural perfumes.

She started her career as a journalist as a correspondent working for UPI and later free-lanced for the Detroit Free Press.  She went on to work as a broadcast journalist and News Director for MacDonald Broadcasting, and contributed stories to AP Radio as well as working as media consultant on a Congressional campaign.  She is a newspaper, magazine, and broadcast journalist, as well as a press and news consultant.  

Lynne has traveled throughout the world and lived in London, Copenhagen, (where she worked as an 'au pair' and was the daytime manager of Gallery Allen,  an art gallery owned by the beautiful and well known Danish Jytte Allen who now owns the Portobello Antique Shop in Vancouver, Canada), and New York City, before returning to Michigan where her family resides. 

She authored two activity books for children based on the history of Michigan that are in the Library of Michigan                     

Her art work in photography, pastel and charcoal drawings, and in welded steel and cast bronze sculpture is now sitting or hanging around her home but appears periodically, in art galleries and art centers throughout the Midwest.


Personal Bio - The Life and Times of a Renaissance Wild Woman

Quote from Joseph Brodsky, Nobel Prize Winning Poet

The surest defense against Evil is extreme individualism, originality of thinking, whimsicality, even / if you will / eccentricity. That is, something that can't be feigned, faked, imitated; something even a seasoned imposter couldn't be happy with. Joseph Brodsky, Nobel Prize winning Russian Writer and Poet 1940 - 1987.  

Quote from Vassily Grossman, Russian Writer

"What constitutes the freedom, the soul of an individual life, is its uniqueness. The reflection of the universe in someone's consciousness is the foundation of his or her power, but life only becomes happiness, is only endowed with freedom and meaning when someone exists as a whole world that has never been repeated in all of eternity. Only then can they experience the joy of freedom and kindness, finding in others what they have already found in themselves." Vasily Grossman, Life and Fate

 Lynne is an astrologer in Okemos.  She has a weekly astrology column that appears in two Gannett newspapers, the Lansing State Journal's Noise Magazine (click on Boredom Busters)and the Battle Creek Enquirer's Wow Magazine (click on Events), starting in 2002 and has had an international practice  since 1988, along with her work as a press and media consultant through Crandall Press ( ) .  As a serious astrologer she does the column to make astrology more familiar to a large audience of readers, to provide entertainment, and to give an idea of general trends; not as a source of personal guidance.  An astrology chart is a serious matter and for that you need to have a professional astrologer interpret your chart.  Her services are available on this site.

Lynne is also interested in the transformational alchemy of aromatherapy and natural perfumes.   She uses this alchemy along with astrology to help clients bring out their deeper potential for growth and change, and to enhance their inner beauty.  She also lectures and teaches workshops and classes on astrology, aromatherapy and the alchemy of natural perfume blending, the development of intuition, and tarot, throughout Michigan.

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