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 "A Difference of Opinion" by Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema above hints at the  humanitarian idealism of Aquarius

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Aquarius is an idealist and often a bit of a rebel, marching to their own drum.  They fascinate their lovers because they are visionaries and often see the humanitarian issue in any situation.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

AguariusAquarius The Water Bearer (Jan 20 - Feb 18)       

"When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars,  then peace will guide the planets, and love will see the stars.  This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius." James Rado and Gerome Ragni, "Aquarius," Hair

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Weekly Horoscope

Week of March 19, 2007

Friendship is great now, but money is blocked by a career shift. Love and partnerships are warm and wonderful. Power struggles with legal matters and authority figures are too much to win so meditate through the frustration and plans will work later.

Week of March 5, 2007

A financial matter puts you on the hot seat as renegotiations and new approaches are necessary. The Lunar Eclipse in your financial sector brings a surprise. A struggle with a partner ends as illusions give way so you can get going on new plans that will work.

Week of Feb 26, 2007

A secret admirer may reveal his or her identity as you are about ready to try some new ideas. A friend is lively and highly compatible now. Your impatience may be moderated with yoga stretches or meditation.

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Week of Feb 19, 2007

Spend this week with friends this year as you enjoy new financial prospects from creative and fulfilling directions. With the New Moon in your sign, you discover deeply hidden feelings others have for you. A secret admirer may reveal his or her identity.

Week of Feb 12, 2007

Aquarius may receive a special gift from friends or a special someone, or you may decide that Valentine's Day is the perfect time to buy something beautiful for yourself. Throw a party and have everyone describe their hoped-for wishes and dreams, as this is the week those dreams may come true

Week of Feb 7, 2007

Aquarius may receive a special gift from friends or a special someone, or you may decide that Valentine's Day is the perfect time to buy something beautiful for yourself. Throw a party and have everyone describe their hoped-for wishes and dreams, as this is the week those dreams may come true.

Week of Jan 29, 2007

A friend who comes from a distance or is involved in higher education may hook you up with a powerful opportunity to realize a dream. Don't get carried away with your imagination, unless you plan to write fiction, as a serious partner could hear it and decide you're unreliable.

Week of Jan 22, 2007

The New Moon in your sector of hidden matters may involve a partnership. Love and friendship are dear to your heart but a partner may put the whammy on a new idea. This may be part of a quest to reconcile or renegotiate your relationship.

Week of Jan 15, 2007

This is the season of friendships so enjoy spending time with someone who wants to spend time. A cherished dream is coming true, although not without a few altercations with a partner. You need to ask your partner to reveal the heart of the disagreement.

Week of Jan 8, 2007

A work situation comes to a head with the Full Moon in your house of health and work. However, an improved income is part of the new opportunity. A strong-minded partner may have strong opinions about your friendships. New friends open your world up.

Week of Jan 1, 2007

A financial idea is brilliant so keep it to yourself. Work with an institution may lead to an income boost. A partner may become a major influence in a plan for a more imaginative career direction. Friends may have great new ideas, but they'll cost you.

Week of Dec 25, 2006

Friends hold you dear and give you the love and nurturing that Aquarius gives others for this holiday season. The new moon brings cherished hopes and dreams for the future. A career shift is a major improvement although it could be emotional.

Week of Dec 20, 2006

Hopes and dreams get a rocket boost as Santa's sleigh brings a hoped-for present. Friends of stature raise your standards as you see that you are getting somewhere. Different ethnic groups and traditions add meaning to the season.

Week of Dec 11, 2006

New hopes and dreams boost your life as you experience a deep rejuvenation. Friends and organizations may lead to great improvements in your life. An opportunity to do the impossible occurs, so dream what you want and you can move mountains.

Week of Nov 27, 2006

Love is an eternal spring and now you have the love of friends and family to brighten your holidays. New hopes, plans and dreams inspire you and bring greater happiness. Career shifts bring financial improvements but try to avoid intense confrontations.

Week of Nov 20, 2006

Fasten your seat belt; it's going to be a bumpy career week. Bosses are in your face and your career and reputation may shift as you handle a matter from the past with kid gloves. Financial disagreements may cause a rift in a partnership. Things ease up Tuesday.

Week of Nov 13, 2006

Your career may take a new direction as you reconsider your goals, and your bosses become more intense. Bosses get much more intense, and you decide to try some more creative approaches. Finances could transform with a more creative approach.

Week of Nov 6, 2006

New independence comes with the Taurus Full Moon. A move away from an intense work situation comes as home takes center stage in your life. A creative financial direction may salvage your finances and open a door for a career based on beauty or women.

Week of Oct 30, 2006

A new career opportunity lights up your reputation. The big news is that you get recognition for achievement. Don't work so hard that a partner feels neglected, as that will cause long-term problems. Watch your financial credibility with partners, as well.

Week of Oct 23, 2006

A foreign opportunity or someone from a far off place may touch your heart. Love is more precious to detached Aquarius. A block releases and a partnership improves. Your career takes an unexpected upward turn but bosses are intense and demanding.

Week of Oct 16, 2006

Love with someone exotic may restore your sense of play. While others have called you unreliable, you let down your hair with an artsy, intellectual group, or an invitation to travel to a far off place. Finances improve with imaginative new directions.

Week of Oct 9, 2006

A major change comes in your relationship with an in-law or a foreign friend. Loving friends surround you now. Your purpose in life may get a major revision and your new outlook will open your life up to wider horizons. A career move may increase finances.

Week of Oct 3, 2006

Finances are stretched in order to realize a goal that is very dear to you. Friendships are expensive and powerful friends may open doors that take you to a desired outcome but cost more than you expected. A friend may help open a career door that is lucrative.

Week of September 25, 2006

The greatest riches we have are within. The solar eclipse brings a financial reward for common sense and good judgment. Settlements and inheritances could be a result of a responsible approach to finances. Foreign matters or documents may bring good fortune.

Week of September 18, 2006

Love or a trip with your honey to a far-off place puts the apples back in your cheeks. Your spirits are high and verbal sparring, love letters and romantic talk make life more interesting. Plan an exotic trip or join a foreign movie group. Established partners make tough financial demands.

Week of September 11, 2006

As financial circumstances change, the mirror in which you see your life determines whether you see the glass half empty or half full. An opportunity from a boss saves you from rough financial waters as the ship of your life sails along to a new, more heart-felt success.

Week of September 4, 2006

Partners are human so forgive and forget. A financial matter may bring discord between you and a partner and it may undermine your sense of security. You shore up finances and let go of a career direction that was uncertain. And just in time as your career may save you now.

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