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Lynne Crandall, a featured astrologer  at Triple Goddess Bookstore in Okemos since 1994, writes a weekly Astrology Advice column for 3 Gannett publications and  manages a busy astrology practice.  Her columns, which includes a question answered for a reader who writes in,  reach 71.000 readers weekly and appear in the Lansing State Journal's Noise, which serves the 44,000 students at Michigan State University in East Lansing.  A serious astrologer, Lynne combines her busy  practice with work as press advisor to a state association.  Phone or email her, or visit her office is above next to the Traveler's Club and Tuba Museum International Restaurant just minutes from East Lansing (MSU) and close to Ann Arbor (University of Michigan).

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Office Near Traveler's Club Tuba Museum Restaurant and minutes from MSU in East Lansing.


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 Poem about the goddess

"You are the deep innerness of all things,
the last word that can never be spoken.
To each of us you reveal yourself differently:
to the ship as coastline, to the shore as a ship." 

Poem  from  The Book of Hours by German language poet Rainer Maria Rilke 1875 - 1926

Lynne Crandall - To contact her privately

email or phone 517-371-8495.  

Lynne, a featured Astrologer for Triple Goddess Bookstore in Okemos since 1994, writes a self-syndicated weekly Astrology Advice column that is currently carried in 3 Gannett newspapers. Look for her classes and readings in the Triple Goddess Bookstore Newsletter or sign up for her email and she'll email you the dates for workshops and specials.  

Lynne's unique astrology column (she answers a question weekly based on the birth data of the readers who write in) currently appears in three Gannett publications (Lansing State Journal Noise  -  (click here for Community Message Board at Your Local Astrologer) , the Battle Creek Enquirer Wow! and Greenville SC Greenville News Link publication.  Lynne is listed in the astrologers directory at   

Check out your weekly horoscope - Find and click on your sign above for your weekly horoscope ( Sun sign and ascendant if you know it) Go to your horoscope page and learn about your astrology perfume blend, as Lynne is also an aromatherapist and blends beautiful scents.  Click here to learn about all of her Services.

Tarot - go to her Tarot page for a quick tarot reading.

Readings - Call for a reading which is done by Appointment Only - Schedule a visit with Lynne and see what astrology can reveal about your path in life!  Or click here for a list of her prices and services.

Office near the Traveler's Club and Tuba Museum International Restaurant and near Triple Goddess in downtown Okemos  

Events mini readings for parties

What she tells you in a reading - Lynne helps her clients understand themselves, see their uniqueness and where the cycles of their life are headed. 

To do this, she uses astrology techniques of the Medieval, Renaissance, Modern, Hindu, and Arab astrology traditions.  Her self- syndicated weekly horoscope/astrology column and answers a question using the reader's birth date information which appears in Noise and the Battle Creek Enquirer's Wow!  Noise serves the 44,000 students at Michigan State University and the East Lansing/greater Lansing area. 

She combines her work as an astrologer with her career as a newspaper and broadcast journalist.  She is  also currently the press advisor to the Michigan Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and has a special interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.  Previously the news director for the McDonald Broadcasting Company radio station in Petoskey, she later hosted an East Lansing cable television call-in interview program "Within", in which her guests discussed their different spiritual traditions from around the world.   Her reporting specialty areas are alternative and complimentary medicine, ancient wisdom traditions, politics, and the arts.  Click on this link for list of articles.

Her professional web site is  She works as an independent media and press consultant in the Michigan area.  or call 517-371-8495 at any time of the day to schedule.  

Lynne is available for speaking engagements as listed below:

  • Featured Speaker

  • Featured Reader

  • Classes

  • Workshops

Lynne has lectured at the following organizations at their conventions: 

  • State of Michigan Conference on Aging

  • Michigan State University's Regional Faculty Women's Conference on Self Nurturing,  

  • the Lansing MENSA Convention

  • Women's City Club of Grand Rapids  

Once again you can contact Lynne at 517-371-8495 or email us at   

Please contact us with any questions or requests about our services.  Lynne Crandall - Astrologer and Aromatherapy Consultant 

Tel: 517- 371- 8495                                                              


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