Lynne Crandall offers an eclectic view of astrology that is Modern with techniques from Medieval, Renaissance, Hindu and Fusion.  She also pays homage to Carl Jung's take on the use of astrology to understand the psyche.  She combines astrology with the potential of alchemy, using natural perfumes to bring out the transformational possibilities presented by the astrological information.
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Astrology - An Excellent Tool for Cycle Forecasting

By Lynne Crandall

Astrology - A Key to Stockmarket Cycles

Former 66th United States Secretary of the Treasury to the Reagan administration, the late Donald Regan, was quoted as saying "Itís common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology." And the use of astrology is further supported by the Japanese. When U.S. and Japanese stock market analysts formed the Market Technicians Association and the international Federation of Technical Analysts, the Japanese insisted that astrology be included as a category of analysis. Astrology is an excellent tool for forecasting. When all of the planets come to critical relationship with each other, they influence and change and the world as we have known it. The stock market is considered to be on a Jupiter - Saturn cycle. In 1981, there was a conjunction (when the planets come together at the same degree) at four and eight degrees of Libra. Since Saturn is well dignified in Libra, meaning Saturn was in a sign that brings out its best qualities, this was an excellent cycle for the world and for the stock market. The most recent Jupiter - Saturn cycle was at 28 degrees of Taurus, on May 28, 2000. This which was a less positive conjunction, and this marked the economic downturn after the 911 attack in 2001. While it has hit some very high points, the market activity has been erratic and many people lost a great deal of their stock market investments, including pensions, retirements. The dot-com surge also dropped around 2001. Stock market observers watch the astrology cycles closely, and there are astrology funds and astrology newsletters for the market analysts. A number of astrologers specialize in this sort of cycle forecasting. 

Famous People Who Use Astrology to Start Business Endeavors

Perhaps the most famous recent celebrity to use astrology was the wife of the late President Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan. The former first lady sought the advice of an astrologer regularly and passed the information along to her husband. Another famous celebrity who is reputed to have begun his movies according to a predetermined astrological date, and even said to have done his own astrology chart for the project, is Sylvester Stallone, whose mother is an astrologer who has published a basic astrology book.

Major Companies that have used Astrology for Cycle Forecasting

The famous American banker and financier, J.P. Morgan was quoted as saying "Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do." There are many types of cycles in business and many companies have used them. Ford Motor Company consulted with the late astrologer Joyce Jillson and it recieved wide news coverage. Astrological weather forecasting was done for many years by the RCA Company. There are particular planets involved in cold weather and rain and snow. Other planetary configurations determine hot and dry weather and droughts. There is a great deal of information we can get if we learn to pay closer attention to the astrological cycles. We may even be able to get more information about earthquakes and other natural disasters from observing the heavenly bodies.

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