Lynne Crandall offers an eclectic view of astrology that is Modern with techniques from Medieval, Renaissance, Hindu and Fusion.  She also pays homage to Carl Jung's take on the use of astrology to understand the psyche.  She combines astrology with the potential of alchemy, using natural perfumes to bring out the transformational possibilities presented by the astrological information.
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What the Planets Say about North Korea and George Bush's Diplomacy

The Sun, Mars, and Venus traveling through the peaceful sign of Libra, may present an opportunity for President George Bush to bring the global community together toward a diplomatic solution to North Korea's nuclear ambitions. These transiting planets working with the President's Moon and Jupiter in Libra, may aid him in his efforts. The leader Kim Jong Il, characterized as crazy by many international analysts, is doing the chest beating to be expected due to the recent Full Moon that triggered the action of the eclipse last March, both in the impulsive, hot tempered, war like sign of Aries. The potential now for a peaceful solution is at its peak and but the window in time for this will be moving along after October 23. President Bush, while at a low point in popularity, may be able to use the diplomacy of the Libra planets (pacifist Mahatma Gandhi’s was a Libra), to convince the leaders of China (a Libra country), and Russia to join him in his efforts. While the sun sign in Aries does not make people war like, it is the sign of soldiers. When Venus is in Libra, it is often an indication that efforts to negotiate delicate matters will be successful.

Thursday Oct 12, 2006

What are the Planets doing in Not So Mellow Mel Gibson's Latest 'Bad Boy' Episode?

Actor Mel Gibson's recent 'bad boy' episode may be a result of the September 22 Solar Eclipse that fell around his Moon. This triggered an emotional outburst (eclipses stir us up). He may have been doing just what he claims, battling old demons of impulsive behavior that are released when he's drinking. Mel's luck may be dimming for a while as his truly lucky star, Regulus (called the king maker) sitting on his Pluto, may be blocked by the stern rays of task master Saturn while it travels over it early next year. Saturn has only begun to wreak havoc by clamping down on Mel. Over the next six months, it will bring him more restrictions and further challenges. Mel's emotions are wound as tight as a rubber band with a tendency to snap and reveal his inner, somewhat eccentric, individualistic self. His Venus in the quirky sign of Aquarius and his rebellious planet Uranus at a challenging opposition to Mercury (communication), make him occasionally want to tell 'em what he really thinks. He draws inner strength from his heartfelt conservative values, since his Sun and Mercury are in traditional Capricorn. These inconsistencies show him as a fascinating character who struggles to manage his inner demons, rather than just a one dimensional boy scout or religious do-gooder. Understanding him through the vantage point of astrology gives us a more complex look at the forces that make up him a true 'Braveheart'.

Thursday October 12, 2006

Recent Full Moon on an Eclipse May Bring a Love Connection

The Full Moon last Thursday may ignite a number of hot new love connections so if you meet someone new and exciting, give them a chance to light up your sky as the planets are pretty steamy this month. Mars, Venus (the planet of love) and even the Sun are all in the romantic sign of Libra and every Libra lives for love. Meanwhile last week's passionate Full Moon in Aries brings all the intensity of a Spanish Flamenco dancer to the arena. Since the Full Moon triggered the drama of the Aries eclipse from last March, the firecracker atmosphere is bringing out the wild tiger/tigress in lovers who might customarily be known for being cautious and demure. As the saying goes, "Viva la difference!" - spoken like a true Libra.

Tuesday October 10, 2006

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