Lynne Crandall offers an eclectic view of astrology that is Modern with techniques from Medieval, Renaissance, Hindu and Fusion.  She also pays homage to Carl Jung's take on the use of astrology to understand the psyche.  She combines astrology with the potential of alchemy, using natural perfumes to bring out the transformational possibilities presented by the astrological information.
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Sample Astrology Chart Analysis - England's Prince William


Graphic of chart with analysis



The Twelve Houses of the Zodiac and a Look at Their Importance in Prince William's Chart

The Twelve Houses of the Horoscope - 1st House through the 3rd House: The 12 houses of the horoscope show the destiny of the planets. The houses are different sections of the life. The first house is the ascendant, the environment or the body. It's the filter through which the world sees you. It corresponds to Aries. The second house corresponds to Taurus. Itís the house of finances, and basic values and financial opportunities. The third house corresponds to Gemini. It's the sector of siblings, self-expression, the neighborhood and communication. .

Planetary Positions: First the astrologer casts a horoscope using the birth date, birth place, and birth time. Here we have the chart of England's Prince William. He was born on June 21, 1982 in London, England, at 9:03pm Daylight Savings time. The location gives us the longitude and latitude, which is 51 N 30 and 0 W 10. His first house has Sagittarius on the ascendant, which tells us that he's easy going and interested in spiritual and foreign matters, and perhaps the law.

Zodiac Signs and Elements: The astrologer identifies the important planets in the chart and their sign and placement in the planetary houses. Prince William's Sun is 8 degrees of Cancer, on the cusp - close to the last degree of Gemini - so there will be a Gemini influence. His character, his father, and the relationship he will have with authority figures, is determined from his Sun in Cancer in the 7th house of service to your country, the marriage house, and the house of legal matters and partnerships.

The Influence of the Planets in the Houses: Since his Sun and Moon are both in the sign of Cancer, plus the North Node (Dragon's Head), which determines the soul's evolution, he has a strong Cancer or family influence. His Midheaven, which rules his career, is in Scorpio ruled from Mars in Libra, with his Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter there. He could chose law as a career, since Libra rules the law.

The 4th through the 9th house: The fourth house is the house of Cancer, ruling residence, possessions, and family of origin, and the home country. The fifth house rules lovers and children. The sixth house is the sector of work and health. The seventh house is the Libra house, ruling marriage, legal matters, service to the country, and legal partnerships. The eight house is Scorpio, ruling sex, death, and inheritance. The ninth house, or the Sag house, rules religion, values, higher education, and foreign matters.

Houses 10 through 12: The tenth house, or the Capricorn house, rules the career, profession, the father, the reputation, and public image. The eleventh house, or the Aquarius house, is the house of friends, gifts, and hopes and dreams. The twelfth house, or the Pisces house, rules institutions, large animals, secrets, and self undoing.

Career and Professional Indications: With four planets in his 9th house of foreign matters, higher education, and religion ruled by Libra, his profession may be related to any of these. Since he has the Sun and Moon in his seventh house, we may expect him to marry a woman who is prominent and in the public eye. With Venus in Taurus and Mercury in Gemini the 5th house of lovers and children, he may have many loves and two or more children, they first one will be adored, the second one may become a writer or communicator.

An Astrological Look at Prince William's Possible Future Career and Love Choices

By Lynne Crandalll

Astrology as a Guide to the Right Career : Astrology can give us excellent guidance and help us make decisions about our profession and our partners that saves a lot of trial and error. Although experience is important, using the astrology saves time and can lead us to what we love and enjoy the most.  In Prince William's natal chart, the career is ruled by Scorpio, His chart indicates public relations, the law, foreign service, or is involved in religion or spiritual realms.

Astrology as a Guide to the Right Love and Friendships: If we look at the sign on the sector of lovers, recreation, and children, is in the comfortable sign of Taurus which indicates that he will he will chose someone traditional and practical and he will enjoy recreational activities that are comfortable and familiar. The planets in that sector indicate that he also enjoys a partner who is lively and is a good communicator who will challenge his mind. His first child may be a girl and his second child may be a writer or communicator.

Astrology as a Guide to the Right Marriage Partner: In Prince William's chart the sign of Gemini rules the cusp of the 7th house of marriage and it is ruled by Mercury in his 5th. It may mean that he will be happiest with a marriage partner who stimulates his mind and challenges him. With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Cancer, he also will need a very nurturing, emotional, and family oriented partner. She may be in the public eye for her accomplishments, indicated by the Moon and Sun in the 7th house indicating the public.



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