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 Astrology Links 



Links around the web

These are my favorite links.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Earthlore A wonderful educational site about the mysteries (including astrology) and the world.

Jonathon Flanery - John was my astrology teacher and he is a first rate astrologer and a first rate teacher.  His site is astrology with a business twist.

Jonathon H. C. James - 

Jon James was my first real student.  He later went on to take Robert Zoller's course in Medieval astrology.  Zoller is a well known teacher and  an exceptional scholar who continues to give a great deal to the astrology community and the body of knowledge of the ancients.  Jon is a "wandering astrologer"with an astrology practice in Woodstock.

Robert Zoller's extraordinary astrology site.  It would be hard to say enough about the excellence of Zoller and what he has brought to astrology.

Triple Goddess Bookstore  Lynn is a featured intuitive astrologist, aromatherapist, and natural perfumer, offering readings and classes.  Her weekly astrology column in Lansing State Journal's Noise Magazine, is available here as well.  Located minutes from Michigan State University. This is a site with listings in Ann Arbor for holistic practitioners and astrologers, and a host of other area resources.

Astrological bibliography - Win Rowe's.   NOTE; text on page is in German but if you click through on the links the bibliography is in English. This is an excellent bibliography.   Win is a Renaissance Astrologer with knowledge of Medieval and modern writings.  At this time it is only available on this German site so click on the links and you will be able to read it.

Astrology degree at the Sorbonne in Paris- for those interested in a higher degree in astrology, it is possible at the Sorbonne-Paris   It can be done as a degree in Philosophy with specialties. Department of Philosophy of the Sorbonne University, Paris. 

Financial astrologer Ray Merriman's column predicting trends in the world stock market. 

Astrologica - an excellent non-commercial astrology site.  I thank Jonathan James for this link.

Astrology software and data of interest from Matrix

Conferences - Dates and Places

Fixed Stars - this is an excellent site on fixed stars and the ancinet meanings of the constellations.  It is wonderfully multi cultural, giving valuable and hard to find information on the star mythologies of other countries and traditions.  A great site.

Internet Business Directory for the United States Internet Business Directory for the United States and A National Network of State and City Directories

Alice Bailey's Esoteric Astrology: 

Alice Bailey's Contribution to Esoteric Astrology, a most unusual and controversial woman with a simular approach to astrology. 

Tibetan Medicine and Astrology  - The Tibetan Government in Exile    

Richard Nolle's excellent Astrological resources       

Lois Rodden's excellent astro data bank with the charts of famous people and places.  Great research site for charts. 

Excellent articles to learn astrology                                    

Gary Cronks great site for comet and meteor watchers  

Sky and Telescope Magazine for all of you sky watchers

Comets Jan 28, 2003 - C/2002 X5 (Kudo-Fujikawa)   Read more 

Six New Moons Discovered on Jupiter April 2003  A site with astrology and many other offerings for people with an astrology or esoteric bent.

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